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Why We Need To Address The Lack Of Inclusion In Fashion – A Conversation With Plus-Sized Models

In a society where beauty is defined by a single standard, it can be hard for people of all sizes to feel represented in fashion. In recent years, there has been a push for inclusivity and representation in fashion, but unfortunately, there’s still much work to be done. To discuss this pressing issue further and to find out why we need to address the lack of inclusion in fashion, we spoke with plus-sized models who have experienced this firsthand. Read on to hear their stories and find out what can be done moving forward.

The current state of inclusion in fashion

The current state of inclusion in fashion is abysmal. Plus-size models are grossly underrepresented in the fashion industry, and when they are included, it is often done in a tokenizing or fetishizing way. This needs to change.

Plus-sized models should be included in all aspects of the fashion industry, from runway shows to editorial shoots to ad campaigns. They should be represented in a realistic and authentic way, not as objects for consumption or entertainment. Only by increasing the visibility and representation of plus-size models will we begin to see real change in the fashion industry.

The lack of plus-size representation in fashion

When it comes to fashion, the lack of plus-size representation is a huge problem. Only 2% of all models are plus-size, and even fewer are represented in high fashion. This needs to change.

Plus-size models have long been marginalized and discriminated against in the fashion industry. But recently, there’s been a shift. More and more brands are starting to recognize the need for plus-size representation and are beginning to include plus-size models in their campaigns and shows.

However, there’s still a long way to go. The vast majority of fashion brands continue to exclude plus-size women from their marketing and advertising. This needs to change. We need to see more plus-size models in fashion editorials, on runways, and in advertising campaigns.

It’s time for the fashion industry to wake up and realize that plus-size women are just as stylish and deserve just as much attention as their straight-size counterparts.

The impact of the lack of plus-size representation in fashion

The lack of plus-size representation in fashion is an issue that needs to be addressed. The fashion industry is one of the most exclusive industries in the world and it’s time we start including everyone.

Plus-sized models are often left out of the fashion conversation. They’re not represented in magazines, on runways, or in advertising campaigns. And when they are included, it’s usually in a tokenistic way. This needs to change.

In order to effect change, we need to have a conversation about inclusion in fashion. We need to talk about why plus-sized models are important and why they should be represented more prominently. We also need to address the barriers that stand in the way of plus-size representation.

Plus-size models have long been fighting for visibility and inclusion in the fashion industry. But their fight is not just for themselves – it’s for all women who don’t fit into the traditional mould of what a model should look like. It’s time we listen to them and give them the platform they deserve.

Plus-size models speak out about the lack of inclusion in fashion

Since the rise of the plus-size movement, there has been a growing demand for more diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry. However, despite some progress being made, many plus-size models still feel excluded from the mainstream fashion world.

In a recent interview, plus-size model Ashley Graham spoke about her experiences with exclusion in the fashion industry. She revealed that she was often told she was “too big” to be a model, and that she was constantly body-shamed by both peers and strangers.

Graham also spoke about how few opportunities there are for plus-size models in the fashion industry. She said that most designers and brands still refuse to cater to larger sizes, which creates a very exclusive environment.

Despite the challenges she has faced, Graham remains hopeful that things will change in the future. She is encouraging other plus-size models to speak out about their experiences and fight for more inclusion in the industry.

What needs to be done to address the lack of inclusion in fashion?

In order to address the lack of inclusion in fashion, we need to first understand the root of the problem. The fashion industry has long been dominated by a thin, white, cisgender ideal. This standard is not only unrealistic, but it is also exclusionary. It leaves out a large portion of the population who does not fit this mold.

marginalized groups have been largely ignored by the fashion industry. But we are beginning to see more representation of plus-size individuals, people of color, and those with different body types and sizes in fashion. While this is a step in the right direction, there is still much work to be done.

The lack of inclusion in fashion is an issue that needs to be addressed from multiple angles. We need to see more diversity on the runway, in advertising, and in editorial content. Brands need to be more inclusive in their sizing and styling options. And most importantly, we need to continue having these conversations until true change is made.


In conclusion, it is clear that the fashion industry needs to address the lack of inclusion in fashion. From the discussion with plus-size models, we learned about their personal experiences and how they feel excluded from both runway shows and editorial spreads. It is important for us to recognize these issues and create a platform to empower body-positive individuals. We must not only listen but also take action towards creating an inclusive environment by celebrating all different shapes and sizes in fashion.

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