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Why to try period tracking apps?

Keeping track of your period is not easy. It is not just about tracking the date of your last period, which to be honest, can also be too much to remember, but there are other reasons why you should have a proper history on your hand. 

Women who have serious symptoms of premenstrual syndrome need to track their cycle to recognize the pattern of their period. Likewise, those with irregular periods also need to log the signs and symptoms of periods alongside the flow and time lapse, so they can stay on top of their health. 

Similarly, these applications also help in keeping a proper patient history, which comes in handy when you are getting a checkup from the best gynecologist in Lahore

Suffice to say, keeping track of period is important, but what is so exclusive about the period tracking applications?

Benefits of using period tracking apps 

While of course, you can simply log in your period related data to your journal, but applications also present as a convenient way to keep tracking of your period, but there are other benefits to the applications as well, including: 

Period tracking apps help in finding trend

Different applications are equipped different, but by and large, they can help you identify the trends better because of their presentation of the information. 

Applications are more accessible 

Applications are merely one click away, so are more accessible. No matter where you are, you can add the data. It then allows you to catalogue the information, instead of missing out on the important bits that might be vital to preserve for your health. 

Tracking applications often has push reminders 

Most of the applications have features besides merely noting your period dates; they also help you in remembering that you have to catalogue the data. As most of us do fail to remember things, push reminders are a big help. 

These applications can also help you in remembering other pertinent matters as well, like when to take your birth control pill etc. Hence, they reduce the issues that can occur on account of faulting memory. 

Help in preventing pregnancy

Sometimes, period math can be tricky to do. And if you make a mistake, the implications can be rather grave. The applications do the math for you, so you know when you are ovulating. You can then abstain from having sex during this time if you don’t want to get pregnant. 

Conversely, can aid in improving your chances of pregnancy

Or, if you are trying to get pregnant, you can keep a better track of your cycle. You can then find your fertility period with relatively greater accuracy, and then have sex accordingly. 

Aid in management of PMS symptoms 

PMS is a woefully misunderstood concept. The insensitive jabs that people make about PMS have desensitized people about the matter, however, PMS is a serious problem. 

It not only gravely affects mood, causing depression, anxiety and stress, but it also leads to a fragile mental state. From bouts of crying to mood swings, PMS has a serious impact on the mental wellbeing of women. 

Knowing when these symptoms set in, as enabled by the period tracking apps, can help women set in a preemptive response to the symptoms so they can be moderated accordingly. 

These apps can help you find when something is amiss 

If there is something that is amiss, your app can quickly help you recognize the issue. 
For example, you might not remember the details of your flow from the previous episodes, but if you have mentioned so on the app, you can then pinpoint this issue by just glancing at your history and can then contact your gynecologist in Karachi. Often, an early diagnosis is key for a better prognosis. Moreover, suffering in vain, when the solution is possible, is putting your body through unnecessary trauma.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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