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Why the future of dentistry is functional

Modern Dentistry is bringing light to the future.

Benefits of Functional Dentistry for Patients

When it comes to oral health, functional dentistry seeks out the underlying causes rather than just the symptoms, such as cavities and gum disease.

Some of these reasons may be more transparent than others, such as a diet high in sugar. However, there are others that aren’t readily apparent.

A functional dentist may help you address the underlying reasons of your oral disease, such as:

  • Forcing air in through one’s mouth
  • Fluoride-free toothpaste and antibacterial rinse
  • Persistent swelling
  • Digestive and oral microbiota dysbiosis
  • Malformation of the face
  • Side effects of pharmacological drugs include low saliva pH levels
  • A diet high in empty carbs and processed foods and low in nutritionally dense whole foods.
  • Vitamin and mineral deficits
  • Constant pressure
  • Disorders of sleep such as obstructive sleep apnea

The Value of Visiting a Skilled Dentist

A good dentist is obviously crucial to your health and wellbeing. However, there are additional advantages to this method of dental care.

Spending Time With Care

As a functional dentist, I know that investing in my patients’ health via quality time together is crucial. What they eat, how their lives have altered, how well they sleep, and other topics are discussed.

While a conventional dentist would only spend a few minutes per patient, an integrative practitioner will take the time to get to know each individual.

And most functional dentists only treat a small percentage of the people who visit a regular dentist. Much less likely is it that you will be treated as little more than a number by your healthcare professional.

An Enduring Financial Cushion

Patients have financial concerns while seeing any dentist, including those with a more functional approach.

In contrast to conventional dentists, many functional dentists refuse to participate in dental insurance and offer only more comprehensive and costly procedures.

This worry, however, is short-sighted.

You might save yourself tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses by working with a functional dentist to enhance your dental and overall health. The extra money spent now could save a lot of money in the future.

Life satisfaction

The average human life expectancy now is many decades higher than that of our distant ancestors.

Unfortunately, this correlates with the meteoric rise of lifestyle-related chronic diseases that affect an unprecedented number of individuals worldwide. Millions of people end up sick, exhausted, and uncomfortable, but they end up living a few years longer as a result.

However, your quality of life can improve dramatically by fixing the underlying conditions that are causing your dental problems.

Dental Function: Basic Concepts

My Functional Dentist Locator only includes dentists that share my guiding ideas for patient care.

By identifying the underlying causes of tooth disease and restoring health through these methods, functional dentistry goes above and beyond conventional approaches to patient care.

  • The primary goal of functional dentistry is to assist patients avoid the need for dental care by teaching them preventative measures.
  • Given the importance of the oral microbiota to overall health, practitioners of functional dentistry advise against using antimicrobial mouthwashes and toothpastes.
  • Caries and periodontal disease are the most common forms of oral disease, however functional dentistry acknowledges that enamel can remineralize on its own, and thus it educates patients on food and nutrition methods to maximise this natural remineralization process.
  • Since the mouth does not exist in a vacuum and the best outcome is achieved through partnership with a patient’s multiple healthcare providers, functional dentists collaborate with their peers in other fields such as sleep medicine, myofunctional therapy, integrative specialities, and functional orthodontics to restore dental health.
  • Early intervention is a staple of functional dentistry’s approach to paediatric patients because of the significance of the craniofacial complex to a child’s general well-being.
  • As our understanding of the mouth-body connection and the connections between dental disease and diseases of the rest of the body grows, Functional Dentistry embraces cutting-edge scientific research. We are able to give the finest care for our patients’ underlying causes since we are “forever students” of the newest research on the mouth-body connection.
  • Understanding the link between oral inflammation and systemic inflammation is a primary focus of functional dentistry.
  • The goal of functional dentistry is to do more than just make our patients comfortable; it’s to set them up for success.

Can you handle what’s coming?

It is clear that a root cause approach is the most modern, patient-centered method of dental care currently in use.

Don’t wallow in fatigue and illness. Avoid falling behind. Contact us and we will help you and enter the future right now.

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