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Why Tension-Set Is An Ideal Choice For Diamond Engagement Rings

We all love the sparkle on the third finger of the left hand. Well, it is the symbol of getting hitched and the most exciting moment in everyone’s life. So, if you are searching for a unique way to flaunt your diamond, the designer tension set rings are an excellent option. 

A diamond ring has a wide range of settings; picking one can be very difficult. After all, there are plenty of choices for every couple looking for that perfect designer engagement ring to symbolize their relationships.

What are the features of Tension-Set Rings? 

A tension-setting ring style features the two metals holding the diamond in place, which appears to be floating. This setting type is famous and most loved by couples for its distinctive appearance.

The best part about these tension setting is that it holds the diamond safely, offering a more timeless look. Hence, these rings require less maintenance and allow considerable light to pass through the diamond, enhancing its light, including brilliance and fire.

In the tension settings, the diamond is not kept in place by clasps or prongs. Instead, it is the design of the ring, particularly the band, which secures the stone.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits of designer tension set rings

Benefits of Tension Set Rings 

  • This Setting Ensures Better Sparkle 

The way in which light is dispersed through the diamond is one of the most appealing features of the tension setting. This setting allows light to pass through the diamond and reflect in all directions without using hardware or encroaching settings, which might reduce the diamond’s brightness.  

As a result, the brilliance and sparkle of a tension engagement ring are not limited. A tension setting is the least intrusive, allowing your center stone to glow and sparkle from every aspect. 

  • Tension-set Rings are Highly Durable

At first appearance, the tension setting might seems delicate. However, little do you know that this setting is well-known for its long-term stability and reliability. While the center diamond appears to be flowing, it is held in position by metal bands that create tension and keep the stone in place.

  • Tension Settings are Easier to Maintain, offering Full Visibility 

Tension settings are designed for easy cleaning, making maintenance fun. Dirt does not collect in nooks and cavities because there are no prongs or metal in the way.   

The most significant benefit of designer tension set rings is that the diamond receives more light, allowing it to sparkle to its greatest potential. 

Now that you know the perks of buying tension-set rings, let us quickly look at other settings and styles.

Other Engagement Rings Settings and Styles 

If you are looking for a fascinating and unique engagement ring, read on to discover the stunning settings, styles, and emerging trends of the  , making their way into the most popular engagement ring designs.

  • Halo Setting Rings
  • Diamond Solitaire Rings (Solo Diamond)


An engagement ring celebrates the love between two people and incorporates their style preferences. You can explore the collection of Danhov engagement rings to find your style and choice

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