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Why Should You Get a Welcome Kit for New Employees?

There are 54 activities which make up the typical employee onboarding process. It’s hardly the most thrilling way for a new employee to spend their first day of work because many of those activities entail signing paperwork and performing administrative duties.

When new employee initially sits down at their desk, they ought to be motivated, ready, and enthusiastic. Making a unique, brand-consistent welcome package for them is one of the most effective methods to do that.

How a Welcome Package Enhances the Workplace Environment?

Do you know the proverb, “Good things come in small packages”? It’s true, though, particularly when those tiny packages are waiting for a new employee on their first day of work.

Receiving such a welcome kit for new employees impresses a new hire immediately and has long-term advantages for both them and their employer, including:

  1. They Feel Invited to Join the Team

Even if they are working remotely, giving staff a fun and possibly unexpected welcome package enables them to throw their own mini “coming home” celebration to your business.

  • They Experience Your Culture Fully

The things you put in your welcome package and how it feels and looks reflect your culture. A new hire should be able to tell right away by receiving their welcome package what your firm’s brand is, what they stand for, and what kind of company culture they are joining.

  • They Experience Seeing and Value

New hire will begin their employment experience with pride and excitement when their arrival is celebrated since they will know that their special presence and skills are cherished.

Customized welcome packages are much more successful, especially if they contain a note from the recipient’s new manager or boss.

  • Their Experience Will Be More Pleasant

Every new job has a learning curve, but you may speed up the process by providing general information like an office map, log-in list, or FAQ sheet in a welcome package. By doing this, you may anticipate their queries and ensure that they have the knowledge available in case they need it in the future.

  • It Prepares Them for a Productive Mentality

Employees who receive welcome packages have a fun activity to accomplish right away, which helps them get into the swing of things at work. Always keep in mind that new hires shouldn’t be left wondering what comes next. Include a timetable for their day and the coming week, so they will know what to do after reviewing their welcome package.

The tone for the remainder of the job experience is set by an employee welcome packet. Include items that reflect your company’s more informal style, like a branded hoodie or stickers. If your business is more formal, you can still give employees personalised gifts like branded pens or coffee mugs, but the design and content of your employee handbook might not be as light-hearted.

Bottom Line

Making a good first impression should not just be a concern for new employees but also for their new employers. The retention of new hires increases by 82% in organisations with good onboarding procedures, and welcome packages are a fantastic way to do that. Therefore, you must get a personalised diary and pen set for employees. If you want to know more about employee gifts, go to the online website now.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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