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Why require Wire Belt Conveyor?

Perhaps, you belong to an industry that requires using an advanced wire conveyor belt. It is considered to be a component that is used on different kinds of conveyor systems. The objective of use is to facilitate moving materials or items to another location from its original location, but within a specified space. This belt can be termed to be an alternative for plastic or rubber-based belt.

Its construction 

Metal wire goes into the construction of Wire Belt Conveyor. This way, the belt that is developed is found to be heat resistant and durable. It can also be cleaned effortlessly while allowing plenty of ventilation or aeration for items to be transported over the belt. Often, a few belts are used to process different types of food applications. You need to first identify what exactly is required in your type of business and the work to be performed. This will determine the choice to be made.

Steel material

Generally, the choice of material used to create wire belt conveyor is steel. Even aluminium is used for the purpose. Steel is woven to shape like a belt. Gaps are left in the process between the steel mesh or rungs. Such gaps allow better cleaning, ventilation and drainage. There are certain steel grades that are found to be just appropriate to carry out processing of food. The reason is steel does not contaminate food that needs to be transported.

Durable and better fit

This belt is also known to last for a long time even after regular use. It does not wear or stretch quickly, something that is generally experienced with rubber belt. The track system when used can propel the metal belt, thus reducing slippage and enhancing grip. On the other hand, rubber belt is to be run around the rollers. Moreover, it requires frequent tensioning to avoid unwanted slippage which otherwise will hamper overall operations.

Are there any disadvantages?

The fact is this type of belt is stated to be a bit expensive when compared with rubber belt. It will be difficult to repair in case the mesh gets damaged. It becomes essential to replace the entire belt rather repairing a specific damaged part. Also, the conveyor belt’s weight is likely to be significantly hire when compared to plastic or rubber belt weight. This means, to move properly the belt as well the items that are loaded upon it, the conveyor motors are to work much harder.


Based on the intended application, the belt’s design might vary significantly. At times, the mesh can be loosely woven, thereby creating large gaps. The gaps that exist within the wire mesh might prove to be beneficial. At times, pulley wheels or slotted gear wheels can be used for pulling the belt. In a few cases, you may consider using a cog that will propel a track that is specially designed on the belt’s side.

Other considerations

You should not rush with your purchase of the wire conveyor belt. Rather, check out the available designs and find out what will match perfectly your requirements. This will smoothen operations and ensure you reap in the benefits.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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