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Why NCERT books are the most sought out ones for classes 6 to 12

Be it a student or a parent finding the right type of study material for your exams is a challenging task. For this reason, CBSE has gone on to suggest NCERT books for the benefit of students. An example is class 6 social science NCERT book enables a student to obtain high marks. Most of the books are designed by subject matter experts and strictly adheres to the CBSE curriculum. If you are looking to perform well in your exams there is no substitute for NCERT books. You have to study each and every chapter from the book in details so that you have gone on to cover the fundamentals in details. For this reason, you can score well in your academic exams for the next year.

It is more about explaining the fundamentals and concepts in a clear manner, the books of NCERT have exercises attached at the end of each chapter that helps in better revision. Even the exercise questions are really important as it helps you to appear in your final school exams. Even NCERT class 6 solutions enables you to accumulate all the educational material at the same place. This helps you to study efficiently and aids considerably in the last-minute revision of the various topics. The best part about the NCERT books is that is designed keeping the CBSE syllabus in mind. In the board exams you will hardly come across a question that is asked apart from the NCERT books. It is not only for the school exams but is of considerable help to the students who are appearing for competitive exams like NEET, JEE UPSC, etc.

There is no denying the fact that NCERT solutions turn out to be the best form of study material as it is developed by top notch educational experts which is done by extensive research. By doing so you can obtain clarity in subjects like Science and Maths. If you are still thinking about why NCERT books are the best for class 6 students, let us explore the reasons in detail.

  • At the end of a chapter, questions are provided for solving and revision purposes. Most NCERT books tend to have lengthy units. The subject matter experts cover all the topics of NCERT books in detail so that you are able to obtain in-depth knowledge about a particular topic. But these may be apt for revision and gaining knowledge.
  • The books of NCERT are designed as per the latest course curriculum of the CBSE board. What it means is that it is recommended by CBSE board. So, a student can pick up a NCERT book without any form of hesitation. Even you should not worry if there is any change in the curriculum as the books of NCERT are updated regularly. So based on the recommendations of the board alteration in terms of syllabus is done.
  • NCERT books are rated to be the best ones for students who are keen on extra- curricular activities or looking to appear for competitive exams etc. The books are developed after extensive research and every problem has solutions that is designed in a minute manner. What it means is that you tend to gain knowledge about each and everything.
  • If you are looking for any form of suggestions in your board exams the NCERT books turn out to be handy. Do follow these books blindly as you will be able to score well in the board exams
  • Every student is not the same when it comes to memorizing and studying chapters that is mentioned in the NCERT books. Some of them may be fast learners whereas a few of them take their time to understand things or clear their doubts. A few of them may be hesitant and would not like to pose any questions to their teachers about any doubts that they have. But with the advancement of online educational platforms all their doubts can be cleared in the shortest possible time frame. Hence everyone has an opportunity to study at their own pace that they are comfortable.
  • It has to be said that the exam comes with a degree of stress to each student. So when you refer these books it may lead to an unwanted form of stress. They are designed in such a way so that the students do not have to worry about preparing for their exams in any manner. The moment you go through the online questions along with solutions you will be able to clear the exams easily

Still if you have any doubts platforms like Infinity Learn can be of help. They have subject matter experts who are there to guide you at each and every step of your educational journey.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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