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Why Must You Explore the Storm Coaster in Dubai Hills Mall?

Human beings have realized that they also need thrill and excitement in the form of rides. Rides are not only meant for children but for adults too. Adventure rides can provide the necessary adrenaline boost and help you enjoy the carelessness of childhood. However, the choice of rides plays a crucial role in this regard, as the simpler one will not offer the same energy boost.

The storm coaster is one of the most popular adventure rides in the United Arab Emirates. The ride is located in Dubai hills mall and is a must-visit for tourists in the region. A number of unique features make it hard to resist, which you should also explore to make up your mind.

Give an in-depth read to this article to learn and explore why you must explore the storm coaster in Dubai hills mall and start planning for the unforgettable experience.

Top 6 Reasons You Must Experience the Storm Coaster

Until not so long ago, people believed rides and adventure parks were only for children. However, the adventure parks and thrilling rides of the current times have shown they are equally attractive for adults too. The storm coaster in Dubai hills mall is the perfect example of that, and you should not miss out on it if you are in the region.

Here are the major reasons you must explore and experience the storm coaster.

1. Extreme Vertical Launch

The storm coaster has been designed with an extreme vertical launch, which is the first and foremost reason you should experience it. Such an alignment of the ride makes it more thrilling, exciting, and adventurous. It will make you feel butterflies in your stomach with the nervousness of exploring it while suggesting to quit simultaneously. Still, it is hard to resist activity in the region. Many people buy tickets online to book their slot at the perfect position and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

2. Multiple Ride Experiences

The next reason you must explore the storm coaster in Dubai hills mall is that it offers multiple ride experiences. You can opt for a single-ride experience which will be of two minutes and thirty seconds. If it feels too short, you can opt for a double ride experience, which will be of two minutes and thirty seconds each. In other words, you will enjoy a double round making the ride duration five minutes. If that is not enough, too, you can opt for three rides, which will make the duration seven minutes and thirty seconds. Be careful, as you will need a few minutes to get stable after such an experience.

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3. Thematic Show with Rides

Thematic show with the rides is another major reason you must explore and enjoy the storm coaster in Dubai hills mall. The ride comes with a four-kilometer-long pattern of LEDs across the passage, which creates a thematic show. You can opt for single or double rides, according to your tolerance level, and increase the duration of the thematic show. It will make you feel like a part of another world, so do not miss out on it.

4. Safe and Well-Protected

One of the most important reasons to explore and enjoy the storm coaster in Dubai hills mall is that it is safe and well-protected. The ride is not just constructed randomly, but it is designed by teams of skilled and renowned engineers. Moreover, it has been tested multiple times under various conditions to prioritize the safety of the riders at all times. Most importantly, the rides come with safety locks, which means you will not be able to get out of the seat until the ride is in a stable position. So, you can enjoy as many rides as you want without being worried about safety.

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5. Indoor Rollercoaster Experience

Another reason you must explore the storm coaster at least once in your lifetime is the indoor roller coaster experience. Most roller coaster experiences worldwide are designed in outdoor settings with a few seconds of indoor thematic explorations. However, the storm coaster is a fully indoor experience, which is designed to explore the three-dimensional space of the building. You will be able to notice the marvelous design along with enjoying the rollercoaster ride.

6. 360-Degree VR Immersive Experience

360-degree VR immersive experience is the last reason you must explore the storm coaster at least once. The riders can opt for the virtual reality experience to feel like they are moving on the skyline of Dubai. It does not help them explore one of the most beautiful skylines in the world but heightens their fears too. The illusion of sky-high rides hanging in the air can make anyone fearful. It will be a real test of your nerves. Buy tickets online and head to the facility on time to explore the immersive experience and see how much adventure you can bear.

Are you excited about storm coaster rides?

You might not be able to experience the thrill and excitement if you head to the facility without a prior booking. So, grab your tickets online and ensure all the other essentials to enjoy your storm coaster rides to the fullest.

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