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Why Kids Should Learn Quran Before The Age Of 5

Quraan is the Holy book of Allah Almighty that encompasses all the instructions on how Muslim men and women should spend their lives. 

Memorizing the Quran is a great reward; therefore, we should encourage our kids to learn the Quran. Although there is no age limit to memorizing the Quran, it is best to make children learn it. The earlier the kids become familiar with the Quran, the better. 

6 Reasons why Kids Should Learn Quran

Here are some of the benefits of making the kids learn the Quran before the age of 5: 

1.    Kids will get used to Pronounce Unique Arabic Sounds Faster:

As the Quran is in the Arabic language, the pronunciation of the letters of the Quran is different from other languages. The Makharij (pronunciation) of different letters of Arabic are different and are spoken from different parts of the mouth. 

The earlier the kids start reciting and memorizing the Quran, the faster they will become familiar with the rules and pronunciation of the Holy Quran. Kids pick things faster and don’t have to put in a lot of effort to learn a new thing. 

If the habit of recitation is instilled in children from an early age, it stays with them throughout their lives. So get the best Quran classes for kids so that they can learn and memorize Quran at this age.

2.    The kids don’t have Responsibilities:

Responsibilities can make a person busy which leaves him/her with no time for other activities. Once a person enters his/her practical life, he/she is surrounded by different responsibilities of work, education, and family. 

But children are exempted from such responsibilities. They have enough time to learn new things and be consistent. The parents can keep a check on them and help them develop a routine for memorizing the Quran properly. 

3.    The Quran will Teach them Good Morals and Values: 

The Quran is a complete guide for humans to spend their lives. It teaches fair morals and values to humans that help them have a positive and peaceful life. 

Children need to be taught good ethics and values to develop good habits early. It helps them become a better human and citizen. 

There can be no other best way of teaching them through the Quran. As it is the word of the Almighty Allah, it softens the heart and teaches humans to be better versions of themselves. Reciting and bonding with the Quran at an early age will make the kids understand and follow Islam better. 

4.    Memorising the Quran makes the Brain Sharper:

Memorizing information at a young age helps to train the brain to possess a lot of information and remember it for a long time. 

Memorizing the Quran and repeating it, again and again helps to keep the brain active. When the brain is actively learning new things, its capacity increases, making the brain sharper. Children’s brains are like a clear screen; whatever is written on it, stays on it for a long time. 

The Quran is a book of miracles. It is not an ordinary book but a direct revelation from Allah SWT. He helps His servants in learning the Quran by making it easier. 

5.    They can Recite the Quran Easily in their Prayers:

Salah is an important pillar of Islam and Quran is the main part of it. We have to recite the Quran by heart in Salah. 

Learning the Quran before age five can help children make their Salah better from an early age. This habit of children will make their Salah perfect throughout their life and will be added to their habits, which becomes difficult to forget at later ages. 

The Quran has 114 Surahs, and Allah is pleased when His servants recite long and new Surahs for every prayer. It was also the  Sunnah of our beloved Prophet SAW to recite a great number of verses in a single Rakat of prayer. Therefore, apart from revision, reciting the Quran in Salah is a source of great reward. 

6.    They will never forget what they Memorise:

According to a new study, most 5-year-olds can beat adults in a recognition memory test. This shows the quality of the memory of children. Adults have a lot of things to memorize and tasks to do, which often makes them forget about so many things. But this is not the case with children. They have fewer responsibilities and fewer things to remember. Therefore, they can remember them for a long time. 

If children learn the Quran by heart before the age of 5, and keep revising it, they can remember it throughout their lives. The Hifz can stick to their mind for quite a long time, and it is also one of the blessings of Allah Almighty. He makes memorizing and maintaining the Quran easier for us. 

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