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Why it is important to know the floor tiles price in Noida?

As it is widely known that tiles of various types are available, it is impossible for homeowners to review each type before they select the tiles for the floor. Money plays a pivotal role when it comes to buying anything or availing of any service and is not an exception with tiles also. Thus, you must select the tiles that are within your means.

Finalize the budget

You must know that the floor tiles price in Noida varies greatly as the tiles. These tiles are both expensive and affordable. Thus, it is crucial to decide on the budget and find out the average price per square foot for tiles before you proceed to select.

Expensive tiles can be considered for some areas of the house like the dining or living space that has maximum visibility and you can also use it on a bedroom so, you get the interior decoration as per your choice. You should keep an extra budget for such areas and then calculate the budget. For the other part of the flooring, make use of tile that is economical.

Factors to consider

There are several factors that must be taken into consideration as far as the floor tiles price in Noida is concerned. The factors are as follows:

  • Project size
  • Cost of the labor
  • Preparing the area where the tiles need to be installed.
  • Types of tiles chosen
  • Tile rating is another significant factor that determines the price
  • Installation location determines the cost of floor tiles

Why there is a variation in price?

It is seen that the price of tile varies. The quality and overall manufacturing process of the tile affect its price. There are also several factors that influence the installation cost. The final cost varies immensely because of the selected size, selected laying pattern, the material of the tiles and the type of grouting one wishes to use.


As both expensive and affordable tiles exist in the market, most homeowners prefer using affordable ones as they can be replaced easily if any damage occurs. If you prefer marble for flooring but cannot afford it because of its price, then opting for tiles can be the best option. Besides being affordable, you should make sure that the tile is durable and resistant to daily wear and tear. So, pick the one that looks exactly the same as marble flooring.

Final words

Without considering how much you can afford, you should not proceed to buy. Budgeting is primary when it comes to selecting the tiles for your floor. As you see numerous options and go by the looks without considering their effectiveness and how they will serve the purpose, you should not jump on to buying. You must consider the price, and the other significant factors before you place your order online or buy from a local manufacturer. Just remember one thing the price of the tiles is evaluated as per square feet. Even if your house is old, with the use of suitable tiles on the floor, the entire look of your house will change.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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