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Why is my website not indexing?

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Each user spends online a time equivalent to 100 days of their life: this is revealed by recent studies that confirm how much the internet and the connection (especially the increasingly fast 5G) suggest behaviors and attitudes that revolve around the world of the web. Therefore, especially if you have a B2C company – that is, you are directly addressing consumers in the flesh – it is essential for you to be online with an informative website or, even better, an e-commerce. But what to do if, after so much effort, your website does not index ? Let’s see what the alternatives are.

Circumscribing the Problem: Difference Between Indexing and Positioning

Before getting alarmed, it is important to understand if your website is not indexing or ranking. In fact, between these two concepts there is a substantial difference, in particular:

Indexing : an internet site is indexed when the Google spider “reads” it for the first time. In fact, at this exact moment, the search engine records the existence of your website online in the search results. We could therefore say that your website is simply indexed when it exists.

SEO positioning : the concept of positioning is completely different from that of indexing, as it implies a qualitative aspect. In fact, your website – or some of your pages – can reach the first as well as the third page, in one of the positions available in the SERP.

Without indulging in puns, it can be said that a site must be indexed to be positioned and that therefore there can be no positioned and non-indexed sites. At the same time the site can be indexed and positioned , but fill a position in the search results that you are not satisfied with or that does not answer your users’ questions. How to understand which of the two situations you are in? If searching with the exact URL of your site does not show search results that match, the solution is to contact an SEO specialist who, by profession, takes care of solving this kind of problem.

Ok, my website is not indexing at all

Once you know that your problem is indexing and not positioning, it is likely that your website has been blocked by search engines . This is a widespread practice and made almost mandatory when the individual pages are under construction or approval: for this reason webmasters usually put the site itself in “maintenance mode” before the release of the new version. A second hypothesis on the motivation that leads your website not to be indexed is a problem related to hosting .

When you bought the domain of your website (www.nome.it/com/org) you entrusted it with a hosting that guarantees you the online space to host it. In the event that there were any problems related to the renewal of the contract, the hosting could decide to suspend the service and “take offline” your website. A third hypothesis concerns the possibility in which your site has received a penalty from Google : the reasons that push the search engine to resort to these measures is linked to the quality of the pages both from the point of view of the contents produced (ex: contents duplicates), and from a technical point of view (for example, if you have done what is called Black Hat SEO).

Regardless of what is the cause that leads your website not to be indexed, it is important to solve this problem: to do this you can rely on SEO Leader : let’s keep in touch.

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Do you want to receive qualified traffic from Google and increase visibility and conversions?

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