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Why is it important to avoid plagiarism in research?

The most frequently asked concern that we get from students is; what is plagiarism and what can it do to our research. Since this is an important topic that needs attention for the sake of awareness, we have decided to jot down a few basic reasons why you should avoid plagiarism whole and sole. This blog has been composed of the Top Essay Writers who know the job they are doing and know the academic world through and through. Thus, if you want some important information on this topic, read this blog and get to know why plagiarism is an academic sin.

Kills Originality

Think of plagiarism as a plague. Even if you have the tiniest bit of it in any of your teeth, it will spread like wildfire and corrupt all the neighboring teeth. Sorry for the dental reference but this is exactly how plagiarism works. Even if you have taken or copied a single sentence from someone else’s work, all your efforts will go down the drain. Even if you write the rest of your research on your own, nothing else would matter.

We know how hard it is to resist the temptation of borrowing a few verses from the works of effort just to make your own work look scholarly. But, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that the work that is inspiring you is originally the work of someone else. Therefore, we recommend that you highly stay away from this temptation and don’t compromise your original hard work for the sake of a few verses. 

Creates A Negative Impression

Plagiarism not only impacts the quality of your work but also leaves a negative mark on your academic career. Let’s say that you have chosen a very proficient topic for your research and you have worked day and night to gather all the resources to substantiate your research. In your eyes, you have created a perfect masterpiece however, there’s a catch. You have camouflaged a few copied sentences from other’s work and you think since your research is so good, it won’t matter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how good your research is anymore. This is because no matter how hard you have tried to cover it up, a plagiarism checker will easily detect it. And, it will not only cause a negative impact on your research but will also build a negative impact on you as a researcher.

Cancels Your Work

Yep, you read it just right…plagiarism can get your entire work canceled! This obviously happens on higher research levels, especially when you are writing an entire research report. The basic theme of research is to contribute your original ideas to the research society, thus the research world authorities expect exactly that from you. If you fail to deliver on their expectations, you might end up upsetting them. When it comes to plagiarism, the research world has no leniency whatsoever. The work that you submit as your research has to be entirely original and authentic otherwise you might end up falling into the bad books of research authorities. Now as a new researcher you must avoid this practice if you wish to build a reputable profile of yours in the academic world.

Reduces Grades

Yup, you have read it just right; if your work is detected of plagiarism at higher rates, you can lose all your precious grades. Normally, research is done on higher levels which means that it is done as part of the curriculum. Being a part of the curriculum, the research is definitely an assigned task that is meant to be marked. If in any case your work is found to have a higher ratio of plagiarism than what has been permitted by your organization, your grades are bound to go down. This not only causes you to downgrade but also leaves a negative impression of your academic record. This may as well send off a bad image of yours in the research world so if you plan on pursuing a long-term career in the research world, you should in no case seek refuge under plagiarism.

Can Get You Banned!

In even severe cases where your work is found to have more plagiarism than allowed, more severe steps are taken. Grade reduction happens on lower academic levels such as in high schools, colleges, or on graduation levels. However, when it comes to higher levels such as a master’s or Ph.D., you can get banned from the research world for a particular amount of time! This is because on more formal levels, plagiarism is equivalent to an actual academic crime and thus is considered to be a huge offense. Thus, if you plan to excel your career in the field of research, plagiarism is something that you should strictly stay away from and keep your work entirely original.

Hinders Self-Growth

Apart from all the impact on your work, plagiarism also hinders your self-growth and self-reliability. If we keep all of the above factors aside, it causes harm to your intellect as well. When you start using such shortcuts in order to reach your final destination, you often get lost in the process. Let us tell you that the only way to reach your ultimate goals is the one that has no shortcuts and is in fact the longest route. When you console yourself with shortcuts such as plagiarism, you are bound to fail and instead of getting towards your goal, you deviate.

For a moment, you might think that you will get away and that little external help will be ignored. However, we are really sorry to inform you that thanks to the advancements of technology, today there are multiple software and applications that detect plagiarism instantly in any document. So, there is no way that you can get away with this academic theft without getting caught, and that too on a higher research level.

So, these are the few basic reasons why you should stay away from plagiarism whole and sole. We know that research in itself sounds way too daunting, let alone these scary terms relate to it. To save you from the catastrophes of the research world, our top essay writers are here to serve you! Essay Writers Hub is one of the student go-to’s when it comes to academic services, so if you need help with your research, come to us! We can help you write research that is 100% free from plagiarism and is highly authentic, reliable, and fool-proof!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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