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Why is Free Fire banned in India?


Indians often ask “why is this game banned in India”

The answer to that question might be better answered by the PEGI.

The following are some of the explanations as to why this game is banned in India:

1) Public Safety

This game has graphic violence and the ability to gratuitously kill other players. It could lead to potential criminal behavior and not just virtual incorrect actions such as bullying, harassment, or cyber-bullying but also real-life attacks.

2) Fear and Aggression –

This game can cause fear, distress, and aggression in a large number of people. With the extra challenges of ‘mature’ content and language, this could encourage players to abuse others online or even in real life.

3) Manipulation –

This game can encourage violence or bullying against weaker or minority people through its insensitive treatment of human-human relationships.

4) Discrimination –

This game can adversely affect players through its treatment of sensitive issues such as discrimination, abuse, crime, or suicide. This could be particularly disturbing for younger players and encourage them to act out in inappropriate ways or exclude other people from their real-life relationships.

5) Dangerousness –

The game has blood and gore which is considered dangerous by some countries’ standards.

6) Language –

The game contains language used in offensive contexts and can potentially lead to an increase in the use of offensive language among the young people playing it.

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7) Violence & Criminality –

The Game contains violence which may be a potential source of criminal behavior.

8) Sexually Explicit Material –

The game contains sexually explicit material. Sexually explicit material is banned in India.

9) Criminal Activity –

The game also can facilitate criminal activity as it allows players to kill other players without consent or in some cases with consent but with conditions such as if you say “Like” I will shoot you! Which results in the player being banned for life.

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