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Why Is Egypt Such A Highly Rated Tourist Destination?

Egypt has a rich and diverse cultural past, much of it steeped in ancient mysteries. Many view a visit to Egypt as a way to fulfil their dreams of becoming an archaeologist.

Without a doubt, Egypt has a lot to offer travellers whether they have an interest in history or not! The Giza Plateau, the Valley of the Kings, and the infamous Sphinx are all landmarks known worldwide which offer a glimpse into a rich and romanticised past. For archaeology enthusiasts and history buffs, the wonderfully preserved ancient art and architecture of Egypt boasts a once-in-a-lifetime viewing experience. Tombs, temples, and museums dot the desert landscape making it a unique top travel destination.

What better time than 2023 to visit Egypt? As the country prepares for the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum, art and history lovers are booking their flights! The museum is going to house at least 100,000 unique artefacts and stunning exhibits, among which King Tut’s funerary collection stands out.

Book An Affordable And Unique Adventure!

Egypt doesn’t just offer a lot in the way of shopping and cultural activities, but it’s also highly affordable for accommodations, fine dining, and shopping. For tourists looking to travel on a tight budget in 2023, Egypt offers the ideal balance of fun and affordable. As Egypt thrives on its tourism industry, travellers have numerous options to make their selections from when considering accommodations and other amenities. Additionally, the favourable exchange rates help tourists further stretch their budgets during their stays!

Please bear in mind that the highly favourable exchange rates have had a negative effect on the local Egyptian economy. As such, it’s considerate to handsomely tip the guides that help educate tourists.

Egypt Offers Exotic Cuisine!

Egypt has an exotic and wide range of delicious culinary wonders to sample. Spicy stews and grilled meats to sugary pastries and fresh juices are just some of the popular tourist eats. What’s more, tourists who aren’t looking to enjoy anything too exotic can find worldwide cuisine dining options along with vegan fare. Of course, no one can argue that regardless of what and where they choose to eat, the views of the Egyptian landscape are simply spectacular! With this incredible tour, you have the opportunity to enjoy a Nile Cruise to Cairo as well as a hotel stay in Giza, near Cairo.

Discover A Lively Arts And Music Scene

From the traditional to the contemporary, the arts and music scene in Egypt is among the world’s best! Whether tourists prefer modern dance and music, or something a bit more traditional, Egypt has much to offer. The cities are also filled with unique art galleries and museums that cater to a wide array of tastes and pay homage to worldwide artistic talents. For those that enjoy and thrive on creativity, a visit to the Khan el Khalili market and the Museum of Islamic Art are considered bucket list destinations.

Make the Most Of A Warm Climate On The Beach!

The warm and sunny climate of Egypt is ideal for lounging on the beach or discovering the great outdoors. From snorkelling to swimming, both the Mediterranean Coast and the Red Sea provide crystal-clear waters for enjoyment. Desert safaris, biking, and hiking are also enjoyable outdoor pastimes thanks to the warm and sunny climate of the desert country. For those looking to enjoy a luxurious cruise, the River Nile offers many cruises for all types of budgets and provides a unique way to view popular landmarks from a different vantage point.

Is Egypt The Perfect Starting Point For Regional Exploration?

Egypt is situated right at the crossroads between the Middle East and Africa, this fact alone makes it a unique starting point for those looking to further their travels. Regional exploration is very much possible thanks to Egypt’s vast and varied landscape.

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