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Why Invest In Faisal Town II


Faisal Town Phase Two is the crowning achievement of the Faisal Town Group, a reputable organisation with a talented team of architects and builders operating in the twin cities. They are very knowledgeable authorities in the field. Zedem International and Faisal Town Pvt. Ltd. are the project’s principal architects. The plan’s owner is Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, a renowned person in Pakistani real estate investing. They have successfully marketed some highly cutting-edge housing complexes under the brand of Faisal Town 2.

Ideal Vicinity

Society has located at the Thalian Junction, close to the motorway. The front of the project will be along a ten km highway, but for 3 of such km, it will also touch Chakri Lane. The neighbourhood can distinguish from all others with exceptional beauty, especially in emerging, because it is only five minutes from Defense Road to the Airport in Islamabad. According to the sustainable plan, forty-five per cent of the development’s land is now being developed, including playgrounds, landscaping, and any other activity that would enrich nature.

Only Five km separates it from the Rawalpindi area, while 0 km separates it from the Ring route. This area has surrounded by all the amenities required for residential housing, notably markets, health clinics, theme parks, leisure centres, and academic facilities. Anyone may conclude that this is an excellent opportunity for individual customers on the tranquillity and conveniences close to the neighbourhood as most of it is outside of range when spending a conventional life in Society.

Stunning Masterplan

The arguably most stunning home developments in Society are Faisal Heights and Margalla City. This Society is a  sizable housing complex on the foremost Chakri Highway and the Thalian Junction. But first, the administration declares the pricing that will be available for a limited time at opening prices. The dimensions of residential housing are as follows: five, eight, ten, and fourteen marlas, and 1 and 2 kanals.

 Contact us to receive the best deals and reserve your dream home using a straightforward four-and-a-half-year quarterly payment plan. Different building societies’ residents have access to a range of features. The neighbourhood offers all the latest comforts required for an opulent lifestyle. The overall design consists of all essential and modern facilities. Customers will have access to all of Society’s conveniences at cost-effective costs.

The NOC clearance of any residential area is crucial to representing people’s money and confidence in progress. Therefore, we are solely concerned about the government’s approval of new house design trends. Buying land without verifying the permitted property is dangerous and may lead to significant issues.

The NOC for Society is now granted by the RDA, proving the development’s entire legitimacy. Owners and consumers of the chosen residential house must obtain the NOC’s consent before considering relocating inside the neighbourhood. For more info about Faisal town 2 payment plan contact us on this link.

Provision of Utilities

This Society has several necessities for a peaceful lifestyle, including gas, power, and water supplies. Many facilities will be accessible to prospective community members constantly. The builders also aimed to provide some basic amenities below to increase the development’s overall aesthetic.

Sustainable Society

Building companies and people in business are more aware of how cities influence the environment. Over 45percent of a total of the total land has been set aside for trees and flowers by architects who are aware that people want better, more organic societies. Because of this, the ecology will gain from this design, and locals will have exposure to a natural environment.

Water Storage

Water is a significant problem in many areas of twin cities. The site has plenty of underground aquifers, which is excellent, particularly for this development. Additionally, to store rainwater, Society will build reservoirs for water supply. Storage tanks are also made in the program’s blocks to guarantee tenants a steady water supply. Additionally, facilities of filtration systems will be built in several sites to provide clean water.

Business Zone

Any suburban neighbourhood would be missing without suitable business districts. The plan also features prestigious shopping centres and business hubs. Residents can also find shopping centres, shops, local and international retail stores, and all of their daily necessities in these corporate areas.


Reputable developers of residential properties constructed this residence. It incorporates all the typical and modern characteristics one would anticipate finding in a fully developed residential area. Additionally, this construction provides a range of residential and business spaces at reasonably low costs. The apartment complex has located in a great neighbourhood. Further, it will be only five minutes from Islamabad’s new airport and adjacent to the intersection of the twin cities. The Metro rail system is another fascinating aspect of this luxury housing complex. Given the ongoing price increases, this temporary organisation is friendly.

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