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Why I’m able to study 100+ HOURS a week in med school (Strategies)

What is going on guys my name is Kenji welcome back to my post hopefully not. The first time you’re watching one of my posts but just in case it is i’m a fourth-year medical student and biomedical science graduate studying kings college London.

In this post, I’ll be telling you guys about. The system that i have developed over. The last couple of years in my biomedical science degree over there and also in. The last four years of medical school that has allowed me to be able to sit on my desk for 10 to 12 hours at a time in order to study revise and pass my exams in university let’s go ahead and get started. I’ll be switching up this post into two parts. The first part is going to be talking to you guys about it. The system that. I use it in order to do this. The second part post will talk to you guys about exactly.

Apply a system:

I apply a system in order to work efficiently for long hours at a time let’s go ahead and get started alright so if you guys know me you know that. I spend a lot of my time in medical school studying for very long hours at a time especially. According to the service providers seminar paper help when it comes up to my exam period i do spend you know 10 to 12 hours a day sitting on my desk trying to revise all of it.

The content for medical school and also my last degree as well. The method or. The tactic that. I use in order to be able to do this is something called. The Pomodoro method and you guys may have heard of this. The Pomodoro method. I personally use is initially in.

The morning when I first woke up morning. I have loads of energy. I’ve just gotten out of bed. The first couple of hours up until lunchtime. I do a one-hour session followed by a five-minute timer and again. The way up until lunchtime after lunch once in fall and once I’m a bit more tired my energy levels have dropped slightly i then move on to. The half-an-hour followed by the five-minute timer Pomodoro method again means that. I spend half an hour you know consistently working followed by a five-minute break and then another half an hour working and. I do this all.

The way up until the end of my revision session when i finally completed it so. The Pomodoro method is just as. I said it’s repeating a consistent amount of study period time allocated time followed by a consistent amount of break and again repeating that process on and on and on uh throughout. The whole entire version session and let’s talk about exactly.

The Pomodoro method:

I have chosen to apply. The Pomodoro method over just sitting down for you know four or five hours at a time a revision so. The first main reason. I use this method is that i can use it to convince myself to actually sit down and work if i sit down at a desk in a library or in my room knowing that I’m not going to move this chair for. The next couple of hours. I definitely will not be able to convince myself to sit.

The friction to actually start working and picking up where you left off is very very high then. The likelihood of you actually going ahead to sit down to work is a lot lower so for me personally. The ways that. I reduce friction to actually start working is for example making sure that by.

 At the end of the day when I’m finally done working my whole entire revision table over here is nice and clean everything’s out of. The way my room is nice and tidy and most importantly. I know exactly what i need to start off revising. The next following day i’ll literally have all. The tabs I’ve used up to revise on my desktop are ready to sit down and start working.

Avoid Distractions:

The next day. I have all my papers all my books out everything that i need to do to actually start working is there in front of me so many of my friends are taking assistance from many experts like minitab assignment help who help out them in distraction by making their assignments.. The actual friction of starting work is extremely low and this can also be applied to two distractions so for example. I have my Xbox there on my table as you guys can see. I definitely should not have that if playing Xbox or playing games is something that gets in. The way of your work makes sure.

The friction of actually you know using it is extremely high so you know to take your Xbox away unplug it all put it in your cupboard and you’ll find that. The energy taken to actually play Xbox is way higher and you’re a lot less likely to do that so anything that involves friction you know like i said your phone.

Your Xbox anything like that anything that will get in. The way of your vision makes sure there’s a huge amount of friction to actually starting that task starting at starting that activity compared to you know working when you want to work all. The things you want to do to actually make you more productive make sure there’s a tiny amount of friction so when it comes to actually revising. The next day or in.

Do the next revision session:

The next revision session you’re way more likely to go ahead and get started more efficiently and that’s exactly why. I can work in 30-minute bursts because as soon as i sit down working from that second that i start. The second. I flip my timer i know straight away i’ll be working efficiently compared to actually you know having to set things up every single time move things around no as soon as i want to start working my table is ready for me to go ahead and jump straight into it and move on to. The next 30 minutes of work.

The last tip. I have for you guys to work long hours is to make it fun and make it enjoyable for example. The one thing that i always do is to try and reward myself whenever I’m working. I will plan things like gaming Xbox sessions with my friends you know after work. In the evening during my lunch period, i may go for a walk or go to. The gym I literally bribe myself to work by providing myself with you know rewards or things that I’m looking forward to after my revision session and that works tremendously if you’re someone who likes swedes who like treat you can say to yourself that if.

I cover 10 lectures or if i cover you know maybe 10 past paper questions. I will give myself a little chocolate do what you need to do bribe yourself in ways that you need to in order to get stuff done. The next thing you guys can do to make it fun as well is to study with friends of course don’t choose friends who will distract you he’ll talk to you all. The time but. I personally do so many revision sessions with my friends with my flat mates and we all sit down together and we work for a set amount of time sometimes we actually apply.

five minutes Pomodoro method:

The Pomodoro method together we’ll do half an hour of work together followed by five minutes of chit chat or going to get a coffee together but work with friends who inspire you to do work who will keep you concentrated and lastly of course will keep you accountable for what you say you will do. The third way to make it fun is to study music. I definitely don’t recommend having loud rap music in your ears when you’re working. I definitely can’t work with us very loud music or distracting music but if you have like you know nice background music that will set.

The setting will be lights up behind me that will set. The atmosphere in. The way that you would like then go ahead and do that as well and lastly when you actually sit down to work in your half an hour during. The five-minute break go cut yourself you know an apple go grab yourself some nice snacks you enjoy sitting down for half an hour have a coffee while you actually work and all of those things should hopefully make your 30 minutes of revision a bit less painful so that is pretty much it guys that is how. I work long hours a day as a medical student

I do hope you’ve taken something away from this post if you have please make sure you’re subscribed please drop a like. The post turn notifications on as well to make sure that you’re up to date whenever. I post if you have any questions at all or any suggestions as to what you might want to see. In the future please leave a comment down below I’d love to hear from you thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys on. The next one you.

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