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Why do you need a POS System for your Jewelry Repair Store?

Getting the repair business on its own footings is always the primary focus of any business owner. 

But how do you get there? 

With a little patience and a lot more automation, you can easily digitize your operational hurdles to work seamlessly. All the while you can focus on business growth.

For instance, let’s say that your shop generates some 50 tickets in a month. That is a good number, but for manual operations it is a nightmare.

You will be manually sorting the invoices and tickets. Meaning filling spreadsheets or printed forms to compile all the invoices and tickets your shop created. It is very tedious and hectic.

More hectic when you have to manually calculate the total monthly revenues and expenses. Apart from doing tax reports and calculating the employee’s payroll.

What is a POS System?

A POS system is a beautiful blend of hardware and software technology that reduces the need for doing the aforementioned manual work. In short, a POS software facilitates your store’s day-to-day operations by introducing automation techniques.

A jewelry repair shop software system has hardware components to run dedicated softwares. The hardware equipment can include a computer system, a physical card-reading terminal, a barcode scanner, and/or a ticket/invoice printer. 

The bare minimum requirements for these softwares is to track and organize all the informational data your shop can offer. Meaning, all the factors affecting your operations are logged into the software. Use its automation capabilities to help indicate where your store is lacking.

Such software solutions have a very positive effect on your business operations and growth trajectory. This is possible due to the fact that a POS system simplifies your daily tasks and can highlight where additional support may be required. 

What Magic Can a POS System Do for Your Jewelry Repair Store?

A POS system automates your business operations, which in itself is a huge task. 

However, there are multiple other benefits of having such systems. Your jewelry repair shop software makes it convenient for you to manage different aspects of your business.

Now that you know what a POS system does, let’s go over which business operations can benefit from integrating this system with your repair business. Following are the most impactful benefits a point of sales software brings to your store.

Inventory Management

A repair store generally needs to maintain at least a bare minimum stock level to ensure that they can take up repair orders. In our case, you’d be needing to keep optimum stock levels of the items you’d be needing when marketing your repair prowess.

Having a jewelry repair shop software enables you to easily track the stock levels of any item in your inventory. You can manage your inventory items on-the-go as well. This is possible due to the fact that the software allows for remote accessibility. 

This way, you can evaluate which inventory item requires urgent restocking to ensure smooth flow of business operations. Using the software, you can also find out the best-selling items as well as the ones with a slow selling pace, in any given period of time. 

Integrate a point of sales software with your store and automatically manage your inventory items. No need to manually update your stocks level at the end of a busy and hectic workday.

The software automatically eliminates the need for manual work and tracks it for you. 

Another complementing feature is a barcode scanner. It reduces the tediousness of inventory management whenever you restock. Simply scan your items with a barcode scanner and you’re done.

If a product already exists in your catalog, you’re in luck. You can enable serialized and non-serialized entries, with your own stock-keeping units (SKUs).

This particular approach solves your inventory management issues by automatic tracking and also reduces the chances of errors when compared to manual entries. 

Additionally, each time an invoice or a ticket gets generated in your jewelry repair store software, any item required in that invoice is automatically deducted from the total count in the ongoing inventory item’s count. 

Create Invoices & Tickets

Your jewelry repair shop software automatically creates and saves your invoices. This means that you can now easily find out your most-selling services — and can segregate them based on the profits each generates in any given time frame. 

Your POS system can also generate monthly productivity and sales reports. These can include total number of sales, count of repair and polishing orders, accessories and any other items you may have on display in your store. 

The benefits of having invoice management includes proof of sale/repair against any ticket and/or invoice. Meaning you are secure from any disputes that may arise from a customer. 

Moreover, the software solutions help you in maintaining the total payable information of any pending payments. You can also send out reminder texts and emails using your point of sales software to let customers know their payment dates are coming. 

Quicker Checkout Process & Fast Payments

A POS system helps reduce the queuing at your cash register and accelerates the checkout process with its automation capabilities. 

For instance, you create a ticket and the customer walks into your store to receive their jewelry. 

Your employee at the checkout station can select the ticket and quickly generate an invoice with a couple of clicks. 

Whereas, if a customer wants to pay the entire bill upfront, your POS system can generate an invoice instantly, and create a ticket for your employees to work on. Hence, enhancing your customer’s overall experience.

If you integrate your POS system with a customer facing display, you increase your upselling chances and get instant reviews. You can also offer discounts based on services clubbing options. 

Additionally, using this system, a self-checkout process can also be introduced to facilitate customers buying ready-to-go and off-the-shelf products. 

Meaning, if your store has this integration combination, it’ll reduce your employee’s workload and help them stick to other productive tasks. 

By performing these aforementioned tasks manually, you reduce productivity and increase the overall timeline of service orders. However, by integrating a POS system, you get to take full advantage of automation.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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