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Why Do SEO For Lawyers If You Have A Law Firm?

Currently, attracting customers online is one of the great keys to success for our business. There are several ways to do it, but perhaps one of the most profitable is to do SEO. In fact, in our case, it is the digital marketing strategy that has worked the most for us.

Lawyers and legal consultants can also apply SEO if they want to get more sales opportunities for their services. For this reason, we recommend that lawyer SEO experts who wish to improve their sales, go to an SEO Agency for lawyers to help them improve their organic positioning in the main search engines.

Why Is SEO One Of The Best Digital Marketing Options For Lawyers?

SEO is that digital marketing technique that consists of applying strategies that help a website appear in the top search positions of the main search engines.

Google is the main search engine to take into account, seconded by Bing, Yahoo, etc. For this reason, appearing in the top positions of Google is, in reality, the main objective of those professional firms that apply SEO in their businesses.

Today, many potential customers search the Internet for reviews, criticisms, opinions, and features of both products and services before purchasing or purchasing the product.

If our website follows a good SEO strategy, you will constantly attract traffic and potential customers to your website. Unlike SEM, SEO gives long-term benefits, since it is a long process (minimum 4 months to obtain certain results), where you compete with other businesses, doing certain actions:

  • Optimize the speed of your website
  • Prepare and write quality content
  • Search for the right keywords
  • Properly structure a website for search engines
  • Make the web as accessible as possible
  • Correctly link the internal contents
  • Get external links (link building)

It is true that there are other strategies to boost your business, such as SEM; but this will require a constant cost, while SEO is a long-term investment.

In the beginning, SEM will be much more profitable, but in the long term, SEO is more profitable; since a lawyer will not have to maintain keyword bets in Google Ads, and a lawyer SEO expert will maintain our positions unless our competitors carry out actions that benefit them more.

SEM – Google Ads

Doing SEM basically consists of going to Google Ads, the keyword betting platform of the Google search engine.

The SEM consists of paying to place a promoted ad that will appear in the first place on the search page. Each acquisition of a lead or possible client will cost us a price that will depend on the competition that exists for those certain keywords.

In addition to this cost, lawyer SEO experts have to know that many Internet users hate and mistrust advertising.


Instead, organic positioning is another story. In principle, SEO is free and requires a series of measures to strengthen our website.

Today, the main factor of web positioning is the behavior of users. If they stay and browse our website for a longer time, Google interprets that you have obtained the satisfactory search provided by your browser.

In the case of a lawyer SEO expert, let’s imagine that a potential client seeks a lawyer for a divorce matter. Since he does not know any, he searches the Internet for a lawyer specialized in the matter. He will probably only visit the first sites that appear on the results page for that search. Hence, if we are in the first 4 positions, we will have the possibility of giving a budget to that person.As fighting for international positioning is extremely complex, local SEO can be done; which consists of doing SEO so that in certain geographical areas (cities and municipalities) we appear first then other competitors. The Shopify SEO company is the best for Level Up Your Law Firm Business With Legal SEO services.

John Oliver
John Oliver
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