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Why Do Celebrity Deaths Affect Us So Much?

We have a connection with celebrities in large part due to the fact that you read their stories, we identify with their characters, and feel a connection to the qualities they show, whether it’s on the field or on the screen. If, for instance, I had to take an exam and I was concerned about passing it my brain could bring up resources from people I’ve read about , or have seen as test subjects. At times, at that stressful moment, I’d identify with characters from movies and consider: “Oh, they faced this particular problem so well.” This is how the celebrities serve as a source of motivation for us like king von autopsy he was great sing and new regarding his king von autopsy photos impacted people very deeply. In the event that they go for a time, we feel the loss of a feeling that is real. In a sense, this is also a sign that they represent our best qualities.

Another issue is that our interactions with celebrities do not necessarily adhere to commonly accepted measures of space and time. They appear to be immortal to us. Even if they pass away in a film the brain tells that “No it’s not true, they’re still alive.” Sometimes we can see them through periods of time and, therefore, we think that they’ll always remain present. When they die and we don’t get the connection to their death in real life since we do not have a personal connection with them however, they appear to be immortal. It’s hard to make connections with their death in the real world , and since they appear immortal their grief is more profound. It’s shocking and difficult to comprehend.

The death of a celebrity also causes us to question the reason we live. We begin to wonder what direction we are heading and if we’ll be able to achieve our goals before we go and die. This can cause anxiety within us. The majority of people aren’t afraid of dying as in the same way as they fear passing away from their loved ones and not achieving their own desires. So these events naturally cause them to be anxious about their own lives being counted down, and also about what they’re doing with their lives.

What should we do in this time? And how can we look after our own health?

It is important to take the same actions as we do when we are grieving in any form no matter if it’s grieving the death of a dear person, a family member or job, or other aspect that was crucial to us. We’ll react in exactly the same way, and we require the same help that we sought, whether it was relatives or friends. We should take care of ourselves as suicides of celebrities are usually accompanied by the media’s attention. It is important to reduce the amount of news we consume. We should ensure that we’re getting the correct kind of information. We should also do similar things as when we are experiencing any other loss, be it in writing our feelings or talking to others who have similar feelings.

The most important thing is to avoid information that is sensationalising or speculative, or might show graphic representations of the story. We must be aware of the information we share with others particularly when grieving, and are experiencing sadness and loss.

What should we do if everyone else talks about the celeb’s death but it’s way too much?

The whole sharing of photos and information on social media can be extremely stimulating for people who are vulnerable. It can be very insensitive as well. As in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case yesterday, people were discussing about sharing photos of the body of the actor. This is incredibly insensitive and a grave breach of the privacy. 

There has also been a lot of publishing the treatment plans of his doctor, reports, and speculated that the act occurred because he was depressed , or due to financial trouble. These speculations are likely to get worse as time passes and make the situation more complicated for us. The media’s responsible reporting could actually reduce suicide rates. If unresponsible reporting is carried out, it could raise those rates. We must be sure that we’re not in violation of the privacy rules and also be extremely responsible about what we are able to forward to WhatsApp as well as our personal social media profiles.

Does there exist a sense of satisfaction in this situation where we would rather read about the problems of others as a kind of pleasure , rather than really grieve?

If you consider how our psyche is operating, our brains are created to solve issues. This is why we’re drawn to negative news. If you read the newspaper and read about stories about both, someone receiving an award or the occurrence of a crime the brain will naturally tend to focus on the negative stories. This is because our brains are always in a state of problem-solving which is one of survival. If you are watching a horror film, you’re tempted to get away, but you also drawn to it since the content creates dopamine, which produces an addictive feeling. It is a fact that no one would abandon a feeling of joy. 

There were many people who didn’t want to see the physique of the actor but there were some who did. This is due to the dopamine rush that we experience when we see such videos. It’s crucial to keep in mind that even though dopamine enhances the pleasure, it does not provide you with a satisfying experience. It’s not a joy-releasing chemical, it’s just a temporary boost. There isn’t a feeling of contentment as that you may experience after speaking with family members about the pain you’re feeling. This is a better approach to dealing with the issue as opposed to news stories that could be fascinating in the short term but don’t promote well-being in the long run.

What should people do if their loved ones and relatives don’t be understanding of their grief about a person’s passing away, and instead dismiss it?


Belittling could be their method to deal with. It is important to ignore these people and focusing on your own emotions is crucial. The aim is not to deny your grief instead, but to deal with your emotions in a positive and constructive manner.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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