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Why do Armenians need a visa to visit Turkey?


Armenians have long been able to visit Turkey without a visa. However, recent changes to the visa system have caused some Armenians to feel risky traveling to Turkey. The new system allows Turkish authorities to deny visas based on specific political or social reasons, which has caused some Armenians to feel that their visit is unsafe.

This is because Turkey has a very strict policy towards Armenian nationals, which includes punishing Armenians for any actions that may be construed as defiance of Turkish law. This offense can amount to up to 5 years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine. Turkey does not allow Christians to visit Turkey without a visa. Armenians need a visa to visit Turkey because they may even be attacked or mistreated if they do not have one.

Turkey Visa for Antigua Barbuda Citizens

Antigua Barbuda citizens can apply for a Turkish visa without any problem. The Turks have been very helpful in helping us through the process and have always been quick to reply to our questions. The visa is worth it, and we recommend it to anyone looking for a short trip to Antigua and Barbuda. Turkey has been a reliable and convenient country for travel for many people. With an excellent infrastructure and a growing economy, Turkey is an ideal destination for tourists and business travelers.

  Turkey Visa for Antigua Barbuda Citizens can travel to Turkey without any problem since the Turks have implemented a visa-on-arrival system. This system allows Turks who arrive in Turkey on Visa A1 or A2 to obtain visas for Antigua and Barbuda immediately.

Turkey Visa for Armenian Citizens

Armenians in Turkey have been able to get visas for a few years now, but the process has been bumpy. Recently, there have been reports that the Turkish government is attempting to change the visa rules so that Armenians cannot visit Turkey in any capacity. This would mean a ban on travel for all Armenian citizens, including those who have already obtained visa. In recent years, however, several incidents have highlighted the challenges Armenian citizens face in Turkey. 

In November 2016, a Turkish police officer fatally shot an unarmed Armenian man during a peaceful march through Istanbul’s Taksim Square. The shooting sparked protests and violence throughout the city. Turkey Visa for Armenian Citizens may now apply for a Turkish visa with ease since Turkish authorities have been making reforms to make the visa more accessible and efficient. In addition, the Turkish government has been improving the visa process overall, making it easier and faster for Armenian citizens to obtain visa. 

This has been possible through various visa options available to Armenians. Turkey is now offering an even more advantageous visa option for Armenians, the Turkish Visa for Armenian Citizens. This waiver will allow Armenians to stay in Turkey for up to 7 months without applying for a visa. There are many benefits to having a Turkish visa, including taking advantage of many discounts and services Turkish authorities offer.


Armenians in Turkey face multiple challenges when visiting the country. The visa process can be difficult, and the country has a history of discriminating against Armenians. With that in mind, Armenians may find applying for a visa in Armenia beneficial.

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