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Why Anti-Racism Books Should Be Kept At Every Bookstore & Libraries

When we talk about purchasing books on anti-racism or civil right books from an online bookshop or exclusive bookstores, you might have to wait for some time for their copies to arrive. These books are often labeled as “anti-racist reading recs” on the backorder. The same happens at many other renowned online platforms, where in five of the top 10 best-selling novels if they are related to the anti-race social genre, half of them get momentarily out of stock.

Many Black people have claimed that they’ve been overwhelmed when they hear that several black-owned bookshops around the country are being inundated with orders on anti-racism books, and they never make it to the readers. People who’ve lived through the civil rights campaign can remember the big rush back then among the black community just to read about black lives and how they’re treated worldwide. Among many motivational drives to shed light on these topics, this was also a sole reason for author Bill Chamber that encouraged him to write one of the best social justice books of 2022: The Muslim American Fight For Social Justice. Bill has flawlessly portrayed a meaningful hidden message for all his readers to participate in social movements actively and become an enthusiast in the fight for social justice.

Understanding the Importance of Anti-Racism

There has always been a huge need for books written by black authors, Ever since the tragic death of George Floyd, a black man who died at the hands of a Minneapolis policeman after when the officer stooped on his neck for much longer than eight minutes. These actions dictated something new in readership prospects; white people decided to boycott and refused to buy such books that were based on anti-racism or social justice topics and whatnot!

 As we grieve and seek impartiality for the killings of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Nina Pop Ahmaud Arbery and many other groups of marginalized people, we are still in utter fear that what events will occur when this news cycle is over when the social justice hashtags are no longer posted on social media? The speeches for diversity and inclusivity drown and die? What will likely happen when white folks, temporarily awoken to be part of the activist groups in the anti-racism movement and leaving behind the comfortable slumber of several white privileges, suddenly goes back to sleep? How can we build an anti-racist world and free ourselves of this sickening system of white reign and power when the people who take advantage of it are not showing and standing up to do the main work?

Every citizen of the USA and worldwide must be familiarized with the anti-racism movements. What better way can a piece of guided information be provided than reading anti-racism books that should be readily available in all bookstores?

A Customary Aspect of Establishing an Anti-Racism Society

Many professors teaching race and public policies at renowned universities have emphasized that reading about anti-racism and civil rights has been a significant aspect of movement work. This is one of the many ways for people to be enlightened, and reading is a way that can easily reach them by being mindful and aware of what is occurring in the world, what actions should be taken, and why these movements have become critically important. Books have always been a rudimentary part of organizing shared knowledge properly by incorporating ideologies of great scholars and activists of these movements and sharing their opinions, and providing collective views and engagements around what histories are relevant to explain the depths of this topic. There have been many historical events that took place for freedom struggles for black. Therefore it is significant to include these occasions in anti-racism books and in the books based on the civil rights movement of the South, the black students’ activist events that occurred, and the Black Power movements of the north.

 Therefore, these anti-racism books have always been a way to educate people about everything that goes beyond the exceptional privileges of white and the fragility of systemic racism. All libraries and bookstores should purposely include educational materials on civil rights and anti-racism topics in the form of historical nonfiction, memoirs and essay collections. And readers should be motivated to give them a thorough read and understand the basic concept of inclusion and diversity in society.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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