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Who is the innovation manager

  • Innovation manager
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Innovation is a very complex and diversified process that requires a wide range of skills and abilities to develop a new product or service to be placed on the market. At the beginning of July 2019, a first implementing decree was published regarding the birth of the figure of the Innovation Manager , a professional whose mission is to support and accompany the digitization process of Italian SMEs.

This is a new role , envisaged in the 2019 budget law, which can work closely with small and medium-sized enterprises determined to carry out important digital transformation processes in strategic areas such as business 4.0, Big Data , artificial intelligence. He is therefore a creative person who seeks and develops innovation projects and ensures that innovation can be an integral and founding part of Italian companies.  

But who is the innovation manager and what? What role does it play exactly?

The innovation manager: who he is

The innovation manager is a decisive figure for the creation of an innovation path for companies that wish to keep up with digital trends or sometimes even anticipate them: in this sense, the role of innovation manager is in fact aimed at encouraging development. technology of a company, as well as to increase its competitiveness.

He is in all respects a professional of the future capable of recognizing which innovations can be strategic and which not for the growth of a company, always with a view to the digital transformation taking place in the markets. This means having high managerial and technical skills and possessing skills in the field of “technological scouting”, ie researching technologies to improve products and services, in a word, to innovate.  

There is no single training path , but – as reported by a 2018 survey by the Polimi Observatory – a rather widespread background is that of the ICT Department within which it is possible to develop skills such as specific innovation programs in the digital or the knowledge of the international panorama of the potential interlocutors of innovation. The innovation manager, however, can also derive from central sectors in the innovation field such as Research and Development, Marketing or Strategic Consulting.

The skills of the Innovation manager

It is clear that this is a figure with transversal skills who must first of all be endowed with leadership, understood above all as the ability to motivate and inspire to push for change, even when it happens to clash with more “traditional” realities and therefore less favorable to innovate.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to have a “visionary” attitude in the deepest sense of the term, that is as a strategic vision of the future in order to grasp and, above all, anticipate the trends that can influence the reference market in order to follow them, and why not, create new ones.  

Finally, a good innovation manager cannot fail to possess qualities such as creativity , curiosity and open-mindedness, all fundamental skills to stand out in the search for new businesses and opportunities.

Do you want to meet an innovation manager?

On 6 November 2019 the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) published the list of Innovation Managers and they are among the 8956 managers enrolled in the register (information updated on 8/11/2019) thanks to their specific technical skills and natural aptitude to stay constantly updated on current trends. Thanks to the announcement of the MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) you can take advantage of grants of up to 40,000 thousand euros (80,000 for business networks) for the advice of an innovation manager enrolled in the register.

Precisely for this reason I accompany the companies of Lombardy, Liguria and Piedmont in their path of digital revolution, helping them to choose the tools, times and means best suited to their business objectives and the business phase they are going through. Do you want to deepen this topic? Do not hesitate to contact me.

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