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Who is Jas Mathur? 

Jaspreet Mathur aka Jas Mathur is a successful venture capitalist, a pioneer of East Indian descent, and a successful Canada-based business personality. He has a charming personality and enjoys a popular social life. People love him and he has been invited to different TV channels and high-profile talk shows. People often find him lucky to reach the crown of success, but our perspective is different. We could see the hard work he has put in throughout his career and continues even now. So, we want to bring some fresh light on his career and how he has reached the peak of success.

Why we are discussing him?

Jas Mathur is the focus of today’s discussion for a strong reason. We researched his life and found a strong and intelligent aura in him. For sure, he has a gifted personality and his perseverance has no end. He is a man who doesn’t get upset with failures, but rather believes to put own’s time, and happiness to taste success. His deliberation to get success seeks to be applauded. 

Jas’s journey started in 1997 when he was only 12 years old. He was enthusiastic to watch wrestling and had a strong interest in the Internet. His analytical business brain had struck then for the first time. Consequently, with the financial help of his father and his friend’s father he launched a website that was based around the wrestling news domain. The initiative was ahead of its time and he gained massive traffic on the website within a short span of time. The first time he got what he has dreamt of. After enjoying a massive and steady income for long 4 years, finally he sold the website to a popular media company and earned a hefty lump sum. The move officially fueled the business career of Jas.

The CEO of Emblaze ONE Inc.

An interactive web development agency that becomes a full-service provider in the digital marketing space and won many awards for its excellence. The firm backed small businesses from the scratch by guiding the entrepreneurs from launching to transforming them into successful full-fledged businesses. The achievements are nothing but the result of the sharp business mind of the founder and CEO Jas Mathur. Jas, from his early childhood, has learned how to market a product or service globally. He has all the advanced skills to foray into the global market and boost global sales by building variable marketing strategies. So, he did with Emblaze ONE, and manage to achieve a good profit. 

The interesting story behind starting of Limitless X

Young Jas mathur was focused to gain professional success and he left everything behind the desire. He allotted hardly any time for his physical well-being. As a result, though he was doing great with his professional career his health left him behind and he gained a lot of weight to reach 450 pounds when he was 22 years old with a 68” waist size. He looks like something that he never wanted to be imagined.

This is the time when Jas Mathur realized life has not only one choice between career and health. Rather one thing that can get oneself successful in the long term is to take care of both of them. And there must be a bridge of harmony between health and work in the daily routine. 

His weight loss journey was tough to manage, but Jas was a stalwart. He did extreme exercises and somehow managed to cut the extra 250 pounds out of his body and gained a superb look. This is when he starts looking as he always wanted him to see in front of a mirror.

Jas mathur is a good learner and he takes lessons from his life. This time he vowed to never get out of shape ever and start planning to launch a company in the wellness sector to bolster the health of youths across the nation. Here is the time when Limitless X came into existence.

The CEO of Limitless X

The company is the result of the strong passion of Jas for the healthcare segment. He well-understood the different health-related hazards of the people and wanted to do something helpful for them. Limitless offers a wide range of wellness and personal care dietary supplements abiding the industry-leading quality.

He grew Limitless as digital branding and marketing firm which offers numerous fast-growing beauty, skincare, and CBD supplements. To showcase all of the effective products in one space, Jas mathur launched a dedicated product site VYBE.com, when VYBE stands for Visualize Yourself Better every day. Every time Mathur adopts some unique approach for publishing, advertising, and affiliate marketing to his businesses.

Since its launch in 2018, Limitless has evolved a lot with holding hands of its mastermind Jas Mathur. Limitless also offers the best quality product to boost one’s analytical skill, the presence of mind, sharpens memory, and boosts up overall confidence of the consumers.

The Business Approach of Jas Mathur

As a person and a businessman, Jas mathur is very transparent and honest. Ever in his life, he did not take shortcuts to gain publicity or to achieve success. He has a strong belief in himself and that is the secret of his achievements. His brave approach and presence of mind to handle a new idea are commendable. 

There are people who get jealous of his procurements and tried hard to demolish his sanctity, but they fall really short in front of the charismatic self of Jas Mathur. He never bothered about all the negative publicities and standstill with his good works. Back in 1999, the 14-years old Jas earned a hefty $30,000 per month, still, he never relaxed and boasted of his earnings. This kind of characteristic differentiates Jas Mathur from an ordinary person.


To conclude today’s discussion we could say every young people, every newbie entrepreneur, and every unshaped people must study the life of Jas Mathur. We believe the journey of Mr. Mathur would impress anyone and help to regain confidence in them to achieve something extraordinary.

Limitless’s partnership with the non-profit organization Health Corps helps young masses to resolve their health inequities. We appreciate this generous gesture of Mr. Jas and hope this kind of social work will be continued in the future as well.

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