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Who Are The 25 Prophets Mentioned In The Quran?

You may have seen different lists of prophets that are mentioned in the Quran, but you may be wondering who the 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran are and what they did in their lives to earn such an honor. Luckily, the Online Quran Academy has assembled this list of 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran, along with information about their lives and interesting stories that have been passed down through history. 

There are many prophets mentioned in Holy Qur’an. They are Adam, Noah, Hud, Saleh, Abraham (Ibrahim), Ismail (Ishmael), Isaac (Yaqub), Lut (Lot), Shu’ayb (Jethro), Job, Joseph(Yusuf), Moses (Musa), Aaron, Zachariah, and John. These prophets were alive during the 1st era of the world in Bani Israel period.

Prophet Isa (Jesus) was born after them and died for our sins with cross-like in Bani Israel period. Final prophet is Muhammad saaws, who lived at the last of 3rd era of the world. Read on to find out more about these revered prophets!

The differences between Nabi and Rasul

There are two terms that are commonly used in conjunction with Islam, which have often led to confusion. Those terms are nabi and Rasul. If you’re not familiar with these terms, here’s what they mean: Nabi means prophet or messenger of God. Rasul means apostle or messenger sent by Allah.

So, in other words, prophets were those messengers who received revelation directly from God via Gabriel. In contrast, apostles were sent to spread the message of Islam but did not receive revelation themselves. This can be confusing because there are many prophets mentioned in the Qur’an whose names aren’t recognized as such today. 

For example, Adam is considered a prophet, and Moses is considered an apostle (and some Muslims even consider him a prophet). To make things even more confusing, Muhammad was called both a prophet and an apostle. And finally, Jesus was called both a prophet and an apostle, as well as one who had been given the spirit of holiness (Qur’an 4:171).  So, when it comes to people like Jesus or Moses, who are mentioned as being prophets or apostles it depends on how you interpret their roles.

List of 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran

The Rasul is higher in rank than a Nabi. All prophets were great, but Prophet Muhammad was the last one. Read their names in Arabic and English: 

25 prophets’ names:

1. Adam as (Adam)آدم

2. Idris as (Enoch) إدر يس

3. Noah as (Nuh) نوح

4. Hud as (Hud) هود

5. Shaleh as (Saleh) صالح

6. Ibrahim as (Abraham) إبراهيم

7. Lut as (Lot) لوط

8. Ismail as (Ishmael) إسماعيل

9. Ishaq as (Issac) إسحاق

10. Yaqub as (Jacob) يعقوب

11. Yusuf as (Joseph) يوسف

12. Ayyub as (Job) أيوب

13. Shu’aib as (Jethro) شعيب

14. Musa as (Moses) موسى

15. Harun as (Aaron)هارون

16. Dzulkifli as (Ezekiel) ذو الكفل

17. Dawud as (David) داود

18. Sulaiman as (Soloman) سليمان

19. Ilyas as (Elijah) إلياس

20. Alyas’a as (Elisha) اليسع

21. Yunus as (Jonah) يونس

22. Zakaria as (Zachariah) زكريا

23. Yahya as (John) يحيى

24. Isa as (Jesus) عيسى

25. Muhammad saw محمد


As stated before, there are 25 prophets mentioned in Islam. Out of these, 5 are considered to be major prophets; Ibrahim, Musa (Moses), ‘Isa (Jesus), Muhammad, and Yusuf (Joseph). Of course, that doesn’t mean that those who aren’t major were not great too, but they never got a revelation directly from God. Therefore, their message was passed down by other means, such as someone else recounting their words or writing them down.

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