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Which is better for money: Fantasy Cricket or Rummy?

Online gaming is a rapidly emerging form of leisure and entertainment. The first online games were released 20 years ago, but now the industry is more popular than ever with options for every age type and genre of game.

The industry’s valuation today is $21.1 billion, and its player base is 2.69 billion. The growth has been staggering in a short span of time, and it’s not just restricted to the industry, but experts predict that the industry will continue to grow for decades to come.

India’s Online Gaming Market

In India, online games that are relevant to the country predominantly exist for one of two categories – online card and fantasy cricket (respectively). One major category of card games is rummy- a game that has been popular in India since before people started playing games online.

Consequently, someone who was born before the era of internet gaming playing online cricket or rummy with your friends and family remains popular, leading for those sports to be the top choice when it comes to playing online.

Online games can play a role in satisfying our gaming desires. Today, there are many types of games that players can enjoy on their own terms, such as online rummy and fantasy cricket. As part of what people commonly call “real-money games” or “real-cash games”, users can show their skill and win big cash rewards.

There are many people who like playing both these real money games and have limited resources to play them. This is because of this resource crunch people sometimes get confused as to which real money game to play.

In this article we try to provide reasoning for why someone would play fantasy cricket over the internet or rummy, by explaining some of the differences and considerations players should consider before making a choice.

  • The Right to Have Fun

If you plan on playing online rummy and you like the idea of playing fantasy cricket, online rummy clearly has the upper hand over fantasy gaming, as it is more convenient to play a game that can be played anytime and anywhere.

Since only players who have been drafted to your side can actually take part in the game, there’s no way for you to know how your fantasy team will perform until it actually plays a match.

  • Putting too much faith in Skill

In online rummy and fantasy cricket, you will have to solely rely on your skill and knowledge to succeed at the game.

In online rummy, an individual is responsible for their own game while in fantasy cricket, even though you can pick the players in your team, you are depending on them to perform on the field for you to gain any points and win prizes.

  • Interruptions

Even in the case of playing online, the game is guaranteed to go without interruption as long as you have a stable internet connection. However, with fantasy cricket, this isn’t always the case because real cricket games can be hindered by weather problems that may not concern your team as much.

  • Numerous Game Modes and Varieties

With online rummy games, you have much more options, as they typically have multiple different game modes. Rummy apps often have between five to six different modes of the game, in addition to other tournaments. Fantasy cricket games have no different modes, and thus exist only a few tournaments.

While the future of the international gaming market is looking bright, there have been a few challenges. New opportunities have continued to expand the ways in which businesses can find new markets and customers. The expansion for small businesses has also created opportunities for multinational companies to reach their customer base and partners more easily.

  • Results are declared in the following ways

In online card games, the results are dealt faster than in fantasy cricket. This is because in rummy matches, players will play games in just a few minutes before walking away with the rewards they earned. However, where fantasy cricket takes 5-days of waiting for results to be tabulated.

While you can play both online rummy and fantasy cricket, according to our five guidelines it is online rummy which is considered more beneficial. With this article, we hope to assist you in making an informed decision so that you would choose the right game for your individual needs.

If your answer is yes, then you are missing out on something big! You have found your reason to love fantasy games and now it is time to find one of them according to your choice! If you have found a game that fits you, then go ahead and dive into the world of fantasy gaming with a gaming marathon now!

If you’re passionate about gaming and have some time to kill, All In One Games is the portal for you. The portal has been known for bringing in a wide variety of games to the Indian scene, such as Rummy and Fantasy cricket.


AIO Games, a legal platform built for India and high-skilled players, is enabling people in the country to play multiple games in one. As one app, it will run traditional skill-based card games and other fantasy sports games like Rummy and Fantasy Cricket but also allow players to generate a steady income.

You don’t need KYC verifications to compete in the tournaments, so you can securely win cash prizes with AIO. When you take home prize money, you will first need to verify your KYC to ensure that your winnings are safe and secure.

The deposits are fast and easy to access with the app. After downloading, you can click “balance” and then click on deposit. AIO lets you choose how much money to put into the account before it’s available for withdrawal.

If you’re looking to start an online game of cricket, or just want to sit around and rack up money playing a card game, AIO Games has the solution for you. Its online sports games give players the opportunity to explore rummy with all the tools necessary. On AIO Games you can also play IPL Fantasy League and earn money

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