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Which Extreme Sport is Statistically the Most Dangerous?

There are many different reasons why people choose to do sports; some like to stay fit and healthy, while others are fans of competition and live to win. Whatever the reason may be, some risks come with doing any sport. Some extreme sports can be extremely dangerous due to their nature, but which of these sports is the most dangerous? The answer might surprise you!

Overview of Extreme Sports

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, there are plenty of options for you in today’s market. When deciding which one to try, you should base your decision on one factor: which extreme sport is statistically the most dangerous? Luckily, a blogger at Square Space did some research on that topic and found that paragliding was listed as a high-risk sport by third-party researchers.

If paragliding sounds like too much of a thrill, try zip lining instead! It involves riding on a wire through forests and jungles while harnessed into protective gear. You might be surprised at how safe it is (and even more surprised when you get over how cool it looks).

If you want to learn more about which extreme sport is statistically the most dangerous, click here. Otherwise, check out our list of fun and exciting adventure activities!

Statistics on Injury/Death Rate per Year in Extreme Sports

-Estimated 170,000 emergency room visits each year from skiing injuries. -Skiing has an injury rate of 10.2 per 1,000 participants each year. -As of 2008 there were 18 deaths in snowboarding over 40 years; a participant has a less than 1 in 100 million chance of dying while snowboarding.

The odds are slightly better while skateboarding with 6 deaths in 28 years or one death every 2-3 years per 1 million skateboarders. -The total number of skateboarders injured in 2013 was 87,605 out of 765,775 registered users.

That’s roughly 11 percent injured that year alone and 23 percent overall since 2003. To give you some perspective on how many people participate in these sports: In 2013 there were 24.6 million skiers and 8.5 million snowboarders (not including snow tubing).

Most Dangerous Extremes Sports

History of Word Football The first recorded use of the word football occurred in about 1486. The oldest set of football rules was developed at Football College, by young men who played a form of football before being outlawed from playing it on college grounds. These men set out to organize a club that would play a strictly controlled game and has its unique system of governance.

HISTORY OF WORD FOOTBALL Use of terms to describe events instead of names became common in American English in the early 20th century. World War I spawned further inventions both on and off the field of play, with warfare technologies developing into advanced tools both for battle and for sports competition.

BASE Jumping

Over 2,000 people died base jumping between 1981 and 2013. BASE jumpers leap from fixed objects like towers, cliffs, or bridges with a parachute on their back. According to The Huffington Post, skydiving deaths number over 100 annually.

Skydivers have more than twice as many fatalities per year than BASE jumpers. In 2011, five BASE jumpers were killed in one day during an event in Colorado Springs, Colo., making it one of the deadliest days for that sport ever recorded. It’s estimated there are about 200 active BASE jumpers today, according to Outside Online. So if you’re going out of your way to put yourself at risk, you might want to go skydiving instead.

White Water Rafting

Roughly 42,000 people go rafting every year in North America. (According to American Whitewater) That’s a lot of people! If you want to get involved in white water rafting but are worried about your safety, then don’t worry! There are precautions and safety standards that we have taken for more than 40 years that will keep you safe on our river.

With years of experience and knowledgeable staff, let us guide you through some of North Carolina’s best white water. We’ll show you why Asheville Rafting Company is one of Asheville’s top attractions. Book now and be sure to ask about our group discounts! The history of world football:

In England in 1581 and 1603 respectively, two football games were played that involved kicking a ball into a net using feet. These games appear to have been two variants of an older game called football which was not known until modern times. It may be significant that both these matches took place in London; it has been suggested that rugby football had its origins there.

Mountain Climbing


The highest mountain peak ever successfully climbed was Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay on May 29, 1953. They reached a height of 29,028 feet (8,848 meters). For comparison’s sake, that’s more than 5 miles (8 kilometers) up! In total, about 200 people have summited Mount Everest since then.

Motorcycle Riding (on-road)

Motorcycle riding was called motoring from 1905 to 1920. Although motorcycles have been around since as early as 1886, when Hildebrand & Wolf muller of Germany built a three-wheeled vehicle that could reach speeds of up to 6 miles per hour, they didn’t become popular until 1904 when Harley Davidson began manufacturing them in America. In 1937, magazine publisher William B.

Ziff coined the term motorcyclist and formed an organization for motorcycle enthusiasts called The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). The AMA still exists today and has more than 200,000 members worldwide. Riding on roadways wasn’t legalized until after World War II, which may explain why it took nearly 30 years for riders to be referred to as motorcyclists instead of motorcyclists or motor drivers. Today there are an estimated 24 million registered motorcycles in America alone!

Bungee Jumping Section: Scuba Diving

Bungee jumping and scuba diving may seem like they’re on opposite ends of an extreme sports spectrum, but they have one thing in common: they can both be more than a little fatal. While bungee jumping usually results in a broken leg or two—or three—scuba diving can result in death by drowning.

That said, if you’re into having all your internal organs collapse, then jump right into that sea! Otherwise, stick to skydiving. Or don’t do any of these things; take up something safer, like birdwatching.

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