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Which 2010, 2014, and 2018 World Cups were the most classic?

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This is the FootballAnt analysis platform. Evaluating a World Cup is not a classic. There are many factors, because each World Cup has many unforgettable images or memories, such as those who scored as many goals, record-breaking big-name forwards, such as those unforgettable red and yellow cards on the field, but also such as those classic offensive duels, in short, a classic World Cup always has many, many people can not let go of the picture, and this is the charm of soccer, but also It is the charm of the World Cup.

For 2010, 2014, and 2018 the three years of the World Cup comprehensive view, I think the 2010 World Cup is the most classic in these three sessions.

Because of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, there are really a lot of classic images worthy of our memories.


2010 World Cup

1、Vuvuzela on the field of play

Because of the World Cup in South Africa, we were introduced to an amazing musical instrument in South Africa – Vuvuzela. This unique South African musical instrument is a kind of horn that can make a loud sound. It is said that it was originally used by the indigenous people of South Africa to drive away prey, but in 2009 it started to become a cheering tool on the soccer field, and the 2010 World Cup completely made the vuvuzela fire around the world.

South Africa’s World Cup from the opening to the end of the game, “Vuvuzela” has been sounded throughout the soccer city stadium, deafening sound, almost become the South African team’s sound “weapon”, as many team members are not quite adapted to such a “noise”, so the vuvuzela “South Africa’s home games often cause opponents to play out of order because of the vuvuzela, which is also considered a home field advantage.


2, World Cup theme song “waka, waka” resounded around the world

The ultimate theme song of the South Africa World Cup “waka, waka” is a very classic World Cup theme song, and Spain’s defender Gerard Piqué’s Colombian wife Shakira sang this cheerful song “Waka Waka” at the closing ceremony, the dynamic rhythm with the double palm together dance action popular, Chira’s singing makes this song quickly spread around the world, becoming a classic World Cup theme song. Wakawaka in Africa means flame, ardent burning, thus representing the passionate unity of Africans and their love for the World Cup. The beautiful song and dance convey the simple and pure joy of the people.

3, North Korea player Jong Tae-Se a cry to become famous

A very classic scene of the World Cup in South Africa is the crying of North Korean player Jong Tae-Se. It was a group match in Group G, where North Korea faced Brazil. When the national anthem of North Korea was played, the TV camera switched to Jong Tae-Se, nicknamed “North Korea Rooney”, and people found that he was already in tears. He sang the national anthem loudly and let the tears run across his face, a scene that made people sigh and sigh. The scene quickly spread around the world through the camera, making the world remember the weepy North Korean striker.

In fact, Jong Tae-Se is not a native North Korean, he was born in Japan in 1984, his parents are Korean Gyeongbuk Yiseong origin of expatriates in Japan, but his ancestral home in North Korea, so Jong Tae-Se considers North Korea as his homeland. He cried emotionally at the World Cup because he is proud of his homeland, with such a responsibility to his country, with such a desire to play at a high level, and with such a feeling, I think.

Jong Tae-Se

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4、Suarez goal line handball

Suarez’s goal-line handball in the World Cup was a miracle. It was a summit match in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Suarez blocked his opponent’s shot with his hand on the goal line in the last moment of overtime. Finally, Uruguay and Ghana drew 1-1 in 120 minutes of fierce battle, and in the penalty shootout, Uruguay won 4-2 and beat Ghana 5-3 in total. It can be said that Suarez’s handball saved the team and made history.

The Ghanaian team could have killed Uruguay, but in the last minute before the end of the extra time, when they got such a great chance to kill the penalty, Gyan ghosted the ball and hit the crossbar, which kicked the last hope of the African team away and missed the excellent opportunity for the African team to create the best result in the history of the World Cup. Although Suarez was sent off, there is no doubt that this goal-line handball was worth a lot of money, and Suarez became the hero of Alagui.

5, Kaka red card

Kaka, the graceful and windy teenager on the field of play, was not expected to end up with a red card at the World Cup. The image of Kaka being sent off with a red card became an eternal World Cup classic, but this red card was quite controversial.

In the 85th minute of Brazil’s 3-1 win over Ivory Coast, Kaka was pushed down by Tiote near the touchline, and then he pushed Keita at a dead ball and was warned by a yellow card and a verbal altercation between the two players. Two minutes later, Kaka made an elbow lift without the ball to block Keita, running towards him from the side, and made contact with his chest.

The sent off Kaka walked back to the dressing room with a smile on his face.

6, Iniesta shutout to win the title, the Netherlands once again become the uncrowned king

The most classic scene of the World Cup in South Africa is the final shutout. In the 109th minute of overtime, Xavi passed behind the ball, and Hettinga pulled down Iniesta and was sent off for the second yellow card of the game; in the 116th minute, Cesc Fabregas took the ball for a short observation, and found Iniesta with a short diagonal shot, and White shot the ball into the bottom left corner of the net. Spain 1-0 Netherlands! With Iniesta’s overtime goal, Spain defeated the Netherlands 1-0 and won the Copa Libertadores for the first time in their history, and became the eighth team to win the World Cup in history! The Dutch team entered the World Cup final for the third time in its history but was killed, Sneijder, Robben and Van Persie, and other stars, and the Hercules Cup sadly passed. The Dutch once again regrettably fell into the rival championship background, the Tulip continued the fatal “king of the uncrowned” spell.

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