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Where to Start Remodeling a Bathroom in Wellesley MA

There are many reasons to remodel a bathroom, whether you want to add more space or you want to make changes that suit your personal needs. You will find that you can make a big difference in the look and feel of your space, and you can have some fun along the way. However, you will need to know where to start.


When you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, cabinets are a great place to start. They can have a major impact on your bathroom’s appearance. But, choosing the right cabinets can be a tricky process.

The cabinets you choose should be functional, durable, and able to stand up to everyday life. In addition, they should match your design and budget.

You can choose from a variety of cabinet styles and materials. Some popular options include ready-to-assemble (RTA) and semi-custom bathroom cabinetry. Both of these offer greater selection than stock cabinets.


If you want to update your bathroom, one of the best ways is to change your countertops. A countertop is a focal point of the bathroom and is important to consider when you are redesigning. The different options available will add both style and functionality to the space.

You can choose from a variety of materials for your new countertop. For example, you may have heard of granite. Granite is a durable material that is very heat resistant. Another option is quartz. This is a non-porous surface that resists stains and mold.


One of the most important aspects of a bathroom remodeling services in Wellesley MA project is the flooring. It is essential to choose the right kind of floor to protect the bathroom. This is because water can cause havoc to your home.

The good news is that there are many options available to you. There are a variety of different types of tile and carpet that can suit your style and budget. You should take time to consider your needs before choosing the right material for your bathroom.

Vinyl planks are one of the most popular choices for bathroom flooring. They look like real wood planks but are less expensive than traditional hardwood floors. However, this type of flooring does not have the same level of waterproof protection.

Cabinet hardware

Bathroom cabinet hardware is a great way to spruce up your space. If you’re updating your bathroom, make sure to pick out fixtures that compliment the style of your home. Also, don’t forget to consider where you will place these items. The hardware can help you achieve a modern, rustic or classical look.

To install new hardware on your cabinets, start by measuring the height and width of your drawer fronts and doors. This information will help you select the right size. Once you have the measurements, you can then buy the necessary screws to replace the old ones. You can find these replacement screws at any home improvement store.


One of the most important parts of a bathroom remodel is the electrical system. With the help of a contractor, you can ensure that your electrical system is safe and up to date. This way, you’ll be able to use the new bathroom every day.

You should know the basics of electrical safety and codes before you begin any remodeling project. For instance, you’ll want to make sure that all outlets in your bathroom are GFCI-protected. These prevent shocks from happening when a ground fault occurs.

In addition, you should make sure that your existing wiring is tagged. If you’re doing an in-depth renovation, you may need to get a permit.

Structural changes

Whether you’re Remodeling Services in Wellesley MA your bathroom, or simply updating it for the sake of aesthetics, you might want to consider structural changes. The right improvements can boost your home’s functional and monetary value. However, you also need to make sure you’re doing it the right way. If you decide to change your bathroom’s structural features, you may have to get a permit.

While structural changes can add a lot of value, they’re also very complicated. Aside from changing the layout of your bathroom, you might have to install new support systems and weatherproofing, or alter the plumbing lines to accommodate your new fixtures.

Shower or tub replacement

When remodeling a bathroom, one of the most common changes is a tub or shower replacement. This is a good choice if you’re looking to increase the space in your home, or if you want to make your bathroom more accessible.

Before you start a bathtub or shower replacement, you should evaluate your plumbing. If your pipes are in bad shape, they may need to be repaired. Also, if you have water damage on the walls, it’s likely that you’ll need to repair that as well.

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, you might also need to consider adding features. For instance, installing a walk-in shower is a popular choice for many homeowners. This type of shower offers convenience for both young adults and senior citizens. Other decorative touches are also simple to add.


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