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When is it Time to Hire an SEO Company?

Entrepreneurs often try to do everything on their own when first starting out. They have limited funds and need to use this money wisely. However, hiring an SEO company is a smart move. How can individuals know when the time has come to hire an SEO agency? 

Falling Behind the Competition

No business can afford to fall behind its competitors. Doing so leads to a loss of business and revenue. If the site has been dropping in the search engine rankings, hiring an SEO company becomes essential. The company will come in and determine which SEO strategies will be most effective in moving the site back up into one of the top spots. They handle the competitor research to determine where changes need to be made and why. The agency will help clients gain a competitive edge once again. 

Migrating a Site

When a company chooses to migrate its site to a new domain or URL structure, they need help to do so. A single mistake could lead to the loss of traffic to the site. The agency ensures the new technology is SEO friendly and all redirects take a visitor where they expect to go.

Old URLs need to direct the visitor to the new URL seamlessly and show the site’s hierarchy. In addition, the agency will test the website’s speed, as this plays a key role in search engine traffic and conversions. These are only a few of the many things an SEO company will oversee as part of the site migration process. 

Google Updates

Google updates its algorithm regularly. In fact, it may do so several times in a single 24-hour period. The average business owner cannot keep up with these updates, as they have customers to focus on and a company to run. However, search engine agencies monitor every update to see how it will affect their customers.

If a change is major, the SEO experts alert customers immediately. Minor changes may be shared weekly or monthly. Regardless of when this information makes its way to customers, business owners know they have someone monitoring their site to ensure it complies with these algorithm changes to prevent a loss in traffic. 

Lack of Resources

Business owners must determine how to spend the funds they have. Hiring an in-house SEO team takes money that many business owners lack. They must train these employees, provide them with benefits, and more. Some business owners put SEO on the back burner because they cannot afford to hire the team. Hiring an SEO agency makes sense in this situation. The business owner won’t have the expense of bringing new employees on while ensuring their site gets the attention it deserves. 

Google Penalties

Google penalizes a site when it posts content that does not comply with the company’s marketing practices. Many companies don’t realize they have been penalized and wonder why their site is dropping in the search engine rankings. Other business owners figure out why they were penalized and make the necessary corrections.

However, once this change has been made, they don’t submit a reconsideration request to restore their rankings. An SEO agency helps determine why a site has been penalized, makes the necessary corrections, and handles the reconsideration request on behalf of the company. 

Hiring an SEO agency is a cost-effective way to ensure a website stays in the search engine rankings and moves its way to the top spots. Invest in this service and see the company grow. This is one area where no company can afford to fall behind, and the agency will ensure its customers don’t. 

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