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What You Need To Know About Diablo 4 Dungeons

Diablo 4 dungeons are instanced areas with randomized content and more challenging encounters from which players acquire significantly more and better loot, XP, and renown.

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How Diablo 4 Dungeons Work

If you have played Diablo 3 or MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft, you are familiar with the concept of dungeons. These are instanced areas. What does this mean is that when you enter a dungeon, you cannot interact with players that are outside of the dungeon anymore.

Monsters inside the dungeon are more difficult to take down than those you stumble upon outside the dungeon. The rewards are better as well. Another thing that you should know about Diablo 4 dungeons is that the content is randomized. Some of the elements such as the story events, bosses, and objectives remain the same. Monster packs and drops are randomized. There is also a 60% chance of an event occurring in the dungeon.

Diablo 4 has more than 100 dungeons. You will run these multiple times. The random element offers some variety, so you will never know what to expect 100%. Some dungeons are quite short. Others take a long time to complete. Objectives guide the players in their instance run. The group completes objectives and advances towards boss encounters. These are harder to kill enemies that drop better loot than trash mobs.

In addition to the specific dungeon objectives, you might have class-specific tasks to complete in that dungeon. You can run dungeons alone or with a group of up to four members. Let’s see what types of dungeons Diablo 4 has.

Diablo 4 Types of Dungeons

Normal or regular dungeons are found all over the world. They vary in size and difficulty. You can run these dungeons as many times as you like. The first clear yields special rewards. If you are after Diablo 4 gold or XP, some dungeons are more profitable than others. Diablo 4 has several side quests that send you to complete missions in a dungeon. As the name suggests, campaign dungeons tie in with the game’s story. You will unlock them as you follow the campaign quests. They are mandatory for the story’s progress. Campaign dungeons are not too hard to complete. Once you clear them, there is no way to go back on the same character.

If you want to experience the dungeon again, you must create a new character and redo the story. When you finish the campaign, you unlock capstone dungeons. The content in these dungeons does not adjust based on the character’s level. When you clear a capstone dungeon, you get access to a superior world tier with better loot. The Cathedral of Light capstone dungeon becomes available when you finish the campaign. After you complete this dungeon on World Tier 2 Veteran, you get access to World Tier 3 Nightmare. After completing this tier, you unlock Fallen Temple. After you clear it on World Tier 3 Nightmare, you gain access to World Tier 4 Torment.

When you apply a nightmare sigil to a normal dungeon, you unlock a harder version called nightmare dungeon. You need to visit an occultist to obtain a nightmare sigil. These NPCs salvage sigils into powder that is used to create other sigils. Nightmare dungeons have extra objectives and afflictions. The latter are effects that make encounters more challenging.Learn more.

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