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What to Gift as a Wedding Attendee: 9 Amazing Ideas to Sway their Minds Away

The perfect wedding gift doesn’t exist. There are a hundreds of thousands of options, lurking in your nearest markets and shopping websites. If only you had the time to rummaging through them. 

At such times, we all wish that we could get in our recipients’ heads to know what they like. 

But here we are, to help you pick from the list of best wedding gifts that will be talked about (literally!). Here are some of the coolest gift ideas for the bride and groom on their auspicious day. 

Top 9 Gift Ideas for the Newly Weds

1. Personalised Keepsakes

You might have seen those tacky wall frames and elaborate gift cards in most gift shops. 

As general handouts, these may be decent (and may come under any budget) but over the time, they would collect dust and would be seldom remembered let alone talked about. 

The kind of personalised gifts you’d want to select is the one that instigates nostalgia and stands the test of time. 

Now, these may be specially engraved 21st keys, silver or gold bracelets with engraving, monogrammed blankets, or custom-made artwork. 

The range for these types of gifts goes anywhere from $60 to &400. This is an excellent and flexible range that’d give you multiple options to choose from. 

2. Subscription Services & Experience Gifts

It’s funny how people may get these types of gifts wrong. If you give it enough thought, a coupon to see a therapist or a cheap Netflix subscription is not the very classy gift you should be aiming for. That barely counts for thoughtfulness. 

After all the exhausting wedding preparations, the couple could use a Hammam spa and get a good detox. 

If you’re feeling more generous than ever, you can plan their honeymoon flights and rooms to a nearby destination. 

Whatever you choose, the subscription services should cater to the couple’s interests. It could also be a monthly book club, a wine subscription, or a 

Now, this is the type of gift that keeps on giving long after the wedding day!

3. Home Décor with a Twist

Did you know that out of five people every two of them pick scented candles over other gifts? And it’s not just for weddings. They’re mostly in demand during the non-holiday season as well. 

Now, a candle may be a harmless gift but how would you make sure it stands out? Make sure the scent of the candle is sublime and not too strong. Plus, you can always add an ornate candle holder for better aesthetics.

Some vintage and stylish Designer Wall Clocks can also be one of the most tasteful choices. You can also pick a bedside-table clock.

Bobble-head figurines too are a quirky take on wedding gifting. You may have to find a suitable gifting site or a shop that can incorporate the couple’s faces within a limited budget.

But don’t wander around shopping for carpets, curtains, dreamcatchers, neon-signs or anything that may be a burden rather than a handy gift. 

4. Customized Wedding Vows Book

If you’re close to either of the two parties who’re going to share a future together, you may also know the vows. This is your time to seize the moment and design a beautifully crafted vows book. 

A keepsake like this will be cherished by the couple and they’ll feel great having you by their side. You can either make a story version of your own or get a printed book made online. Brownie points if the book contains love quotes from other known ones in the end. 

5. Cookware Sets 

This may sound strange, but high-quality cookware is a sought-after gift. The bridegroom who’re about to start their life together will make certain investments for their new home, and buying chic cookware is a considerate gesture to their union. 

In many cultures, wealth is also determined from the quality of dishware stored and used. Thus, you can be assured that you’ll be gifting the couple an asset and getting compliments in return. 

6. Hobbies/Passions

Never have we ever seen a bride who’s disappointed with a Dyson Airwrap, or a groom who’d sulk over a PS5! Unless they already have one, of course.

These gifts may not be on everyone’s agenda as they’re specific and if you know the bride or the groom closely, you’d know what they need. 

Goes without saying, these gifts require shelling out extra money but if it means making it to the bride/groom’s heart, then it’s worth it. 

On the lower budget side, you can simply buy some chic 

7. Adventure Gear for Two

Unconventional, but fun. If the couple enjoys outdoor activities, consider gifting them adventure gear. 

Camping equipment is a great idea too. If the couple you know loves BBQ sessions in the woodst amidst dark night skies, there is no dearth of gift ideas!

Hiking essentials, tandem bicycles, protein supplements or any workout equipment that  supports their shared love for exploration will be welcome.

8. Artisanal Gift Baskets

Forget boring bouquets. Gift customised artisanal baskets that are perfect as an add-on or a standalone gift to the bridegroom. 

You can get them made or make them yourself, including anything from gourmet chocolates and fine wines to exotic teas and specialty cheeses. Don’t compromise on quality as the products you’re going to include are going to speak for themselves.

Some gift baskets may also include sterling silver jewellery, makeup or other products alongside delicious tidbits. These are slightly more unique than the usual ones. 

9. Beauty & Self Care

Newly added to the wedding gift category, these presents are a quick-pick and will go a long way in maintaining your rapport with the bridegroom. 

Some of them are makeup kits, trinket boxes and jewellery boxes that can store bridal jewellery NZ, gold chains, gold bracelets and more. 

If the bride is more skin-care oriented, an LED mask, a facial kit or a branded skincare combo will be a great pick. The groom may appreciate a trimmer set as well. 

Make sure you’re aware of their allergies beforehand so it doesn’t become too confronting in the end.

Be the Perfect Gifter For Weddings & Beyond

The respect people have for a person who hands out impeccable gifts is immense. And while there’s no limits to perfection and you may miss out on impressing everyone, you won’t still miss a mark if you pick from the suggestions above.

Additionally, giving a gift should come from a place of want and necessity. Yet, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be thoughtful in it. For example, a Netflix subscription may not be as good as custom 21st keys because it may rub in the couple’s faces that they can’t afford it.

And lastly, to top it off, don’t forget to add a personal note along with the gift. Conveying your best wishes with handwritten letters or advice cards can bring tears to their eyes and this is what the bridegroom may remember for years to come. 

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