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What to do if you get denied a US visa from Greece or Hungary?

Any individual contemplating applying for an  AMERICAN VISA FROM GREECE or Hungary should be aware that the process is not always a simple one, and should take time in researching and preparing for the application process. In order to assist in this endeavor, the following article will provide a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide to obtaining American visas from either country.

What are the requirements for a US visa from Greece or Hungary?

First, it is important to consider what kind of visa is necessary in order to travel to the United States. Generally speaking, Greek and Hungarian citizens need to obtain a B-2 non-immigrant visa in order to travel to the United States for pleasure or tourism. In order to obtain a B-2 visa, citizens are subject to a required application process, often consisting of several stages.

What documents and applications are necessary for an AMERICAN VISA FROM HUNGARY? An American visa from either country requires the filing of an application form, known as Form DS-160. Personal documents such as a valid passport and photographs (two recent, passport-style) will also be required for both Greek and Hungarian visa applicants.

How does one schedule a visa interview appointment?

Generally, a visa interview will be necessary in order to proceed with the application process, and can only be scheduled after completing the Form DS-160. Interview appointments must be scheduled on the following website: http://greece.usembassy.gov. Depending on the individual circumstances, either an in-person interview may be scheduled at a consulate or embassy in the country of residence, or an applicant may participate in an interview via Skype.

Are there any additional requirements to be aware of when applying for an American visa from Greece or Hungary? Depending on circumstance, it may be necessary to obtain an HIV clearance certificate before entering into the United States. Additionally, some visa applicants may be asked to attend to a background and security check prior to any visa being issued.

How to get a US visa from Greece or Hungary?

Is there a fee to apply for an American visa from Greece or Hungary? Generally speaking, there is a visa application processing fee associated with applying for both Greek and Hungarian citizens. This fee may vary based on the individual circumstances, however, it generally consists of a non-refundable fee of $160 ($140 for students/exchange visitors).

An American visa from Greece or Hungary can be a long, complicated process, however, with the comprehensive knowledge and preparation, obtaining one should be achievable. By following the FAQ outlined in this article, any applicant should have the necessary tools to properly filed their application and begin the journey to the United States.

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