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What Things You Must Keep in Mind While Looking for Packers and Movers

Are you in search of effective and capable packers and movers in Surat? If yes, this is something you must go through before you finalize your deal with anyone. You have got to hire the best person. But how have you planned to do so? Don’t you think it is going to be a tough fight to get a really genuine fellow at your service? Well, this is true. In today’s market, it has become quite hard to decide which option is better than the other. Even novices today look like pros with all their ways of cunningly tricking innocent customers. But still, there is a ray of hope that you can hang on to. Just go through the following blog and learn what you need to look for to choose the best-moving company out of a confusing crowd. Let’s get started.

High Experience

The first factor that you need to pay attention to is the level of experience. Only an experienced service provider you need if you want to make a hassle-free move. Otherwise, can you really put as big a responsibility as shifting onto the shoulders of a novice? Well, of course, you cannot. It is not going to happen at all. So, ensure you hire a moving company that at least has practical experience from 6 to 7 years. Find out the year of inception and it will help get valuable insights into the practicality of a moving company.


Now, after the experience, you will have to turn your attention to the concept of legitimacy. It is nothing but a piece of advice for you to ensure that you hire a legitimate moving company. There are certain criteria to zero in on. For example, first, ensure the company’s registration, and second, see if the same person contains GSTIN or not. And if possible, you can have a look at personal IDs as well. Don’t just trust the words of any particular company. Instead, make sure that you verify each and every document produced before you.


Company registration is a very big thing. And thus while looking for packers and movers, you have got to keep the same at the back of your mind. See if a specific moving company is registered under the company act of 2013. In India, this is the legislation that deals with all the affairs related to the company, or the corporate world. To verify a registration number, use the official portal of MCA, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. There, for a valid incorporation number, you are going to access genuine details of a company regarding its incorporation.


Now, we have come to another most crucial piece of legality to focus on. Besides registration details, ask for the production of this number as well. It is GSTIN. It is called Goods and Services Identification Number. This thing is issued to taxpayers by the GST council. It is like a pan card that every businessman must hold. It adds to their reputation. Otherwise, how are you going to trust a particular person in the market whom you haven’t met before? So, look for GSTIN and take it as a criterion to set aside reliable shifting firms.

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It is also a thing that mustn’t skip your mind. Consider the following two options. Would you prefer to hire a moving company that offers solutions to all kinds of problems or one only provides one of any services you need? Of course, a sensible person is going to go with the former. So, make sure your service provider is comprehensive. So, you don’t have to hire any other person. In that case, an all-inclusive person is completely capable of meeting your needs alone. It saves money, time and effort as well. By the way, don’t let perfection bother you. It is perfectly fine as well if you cannot get such professional packers and movers. In that situation, ensure that at least one company meets two or three of your demands.


You must have heard of feedback and how it helps businesses grow. Well, if you haven’t, don’t worry. It isn’t rocket science. Let me first explain it to you and then we will be able to deal with our main discussion better. Feedback is the opinions of past customers about particular products or services that such customers have already used or experienced in their days. These thoughts, if expressed genuinely, can be an effective tool for new customers to make better decisions than otherwise. It works in the following way. You go through some feedback. Figure out if it is positive or the other way around. And if the reviews or success stories are good enough, you can consider hiring the company in question.


Through recommendations, you can reach genuine service providers as well. You just need to talk to as many people as possible. And that is it. Nothing more you need to do. This activity will help come across people who have had shifting experiences in their days. Such people, if knowledgeable, will let you know the details of genuine service providers that they themselves hired when needed in the past. This way, acting on their recommendations as well, you can manage to get trustworthy people.

Effective Communication

Another factor is effective communication. Well, experts in household shifting say that you must only hire packers and movers that can provide you with effective and handy tools for the facilitation of effective communication. Otherwise, you are going to face communication and interaction issues during the process. For example, there is this tool called inventory tracking facility, in general. This helps you know the whereabouts or location of your belongings in transit on the screen of your smartphone. And you don’t have to feel anxious when it has been a little later than expected. So, in advance, make things clear in this regard. And always hire a good person.

Good Transport facilities

Because you need a good person as a move facilitator, you have got to analyse each and every aspect that must concern you. For example, you need to transport your things as well from one place to another. So, it is obvious that you need transport facilities as well. Therefore, first, check that each vehicle you inspect is in good condition. Otherwise, it will be just ruining your move one way or another.

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