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What is the Major Difference Between Comforter and Bedspread?

Although “bedspread” and “comforter” are frequently used interchangeably, they are two entirely different types of bedding, and you should be aware of these differences when purchasing. One may be more appropriate for your needs depending on why you’re buying new bedding. We’ve put together this detailed guide with all you need to know about each choice to assist you in deciding whether to get a bedspread or comforter.


A comforter is a thick bed cover made of many layers of fabric and filling, usually down (the fluffy, light feathers used by birds for insulation) or a down substitute made of a combination of wool, cotton, and silk fibers. A comforter’s primary function is to keep the sleeper warm and insulate them for the best possible comfort throughout the colder months.


A bedspread is a thin, frequently decorative bed cover that can be used alone in the summer or in place of a comforter in the winter. Because they offer comfort and just the perfect amount of warmth without making the sleeper feel overheated, bedspreads are excellent in the spring and summer. In addition, quilts frequently have elaborate patterns and motifs that can be used to match the interior décor of your home.

Differences Between a Comforter and a Bedspread

Some people might use a bedspread and comforter together, while others might prefer to use only one. Consider the following significant distinctions between a bedspread and comforter to assist you in deciding which type of bedding you should pick:

1. Comfort

The degree of warmth that a bedspread and comforter offer is, as was previously mentioned, their primary distinction. While bedspreads are far more absorbent and lighter than comforters, making them perfect for warmer weather, comforters are designed to provide insulation and warmth during winter. A bedspread may be warm enough to wear alone during the winter in your area, or you may use it as a complement to a blanket for further warmth.

2. Weight

Bedspreads are often significantly more lightweight than comforters, which are thick and heavy due to their layers and insulating filling. However, it’s crucial to remember that bedspreads can have several layers while remaining lightweight. In contrast to comforters, Denali blankets, for instance, keep their lightweight profile while adding added resilience thanks to the sewing of two premium blankets together.

3. Shape

Your choice of bed cover’s shape dramatically affects how your bed looks and the room looks. Bedspreads are great for persons who want to keep a sleek bed appearance because they are considerably thinner than comforters, which are heavy and bulky and add height to your bed.

4. Design

Comforters typically come in solid colors and are rather plain and generic in design. Even though some comforters do have distinctive patterns and motifs, many of them are straightforward, allowing the homeowner to, if they so wish, add elegance with a duvet cover or bedspread. Bedspreads typically have a lot more decoration, which is perfect for homeowners looking to add flair or a stylish aspect to their interior design.

Explore the Ideal Bedding for Your Room

When selecting a type of bedding, there are a few key distinctions between bedspreads and comforters that should be considered. Each serves a distinct purpose, so you may elect to employ one in your bedroom or a combination of the two. Whatever choice you select, be sure to spend money on high-quality bedding.

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