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What is the Difference Between Karma and Revenge Spells?

We all come to a fork in the road at some point in our lives where someone did us wrong and the thought of revenge pops up. It’s never a good idea to seek revenge on someone because it can bring us bad karma. What is the solution? Well, since karma comes around based on our actions it makes sense that the person that wronged us would receive their bad karma back in return. The natural karma effect can feel like it’s not happening fast enough which is where people seek out a spell for revenge.

Would a karma spell be better in a situation like this? The simple answer is if you want to speed up the karma effect towards someone who wronged you then a karma spell is a better option over a revenge spell. A revenge spell is similar to a curse where dark energy is sent their way. It’s never a good idea to dabble in dark energy. A karma spell is a different because it doesn’t send someone dark energy but instead speeds up the karmatic effect that naturally happens. In speeding up the effects of karma you are causing that person to reap what they just sowed without dealing with negative energy.

Karma spells can be more powerful than a revenge spell and you do not need to worry about the three-fold rule of dark energy coming into your life as a side effect. When desiring someone’s bad karma to come back to them, its redirecting their bad energy towards themselves instead of bringing new negative energy around them. Speeding up the karmatic effect can cause the person to re-evaluate their life and actions towards other people. It can cause them to lose relationships, employment, assets, homes, cars, money and investments. Whatever is important to them can be compromised with a karma spell in place.

Examples of Karma Spells Working

A Manipulative Co-Worker – It is not uncommon to have a co-worker who doesn’t like you and spreads rumors about you that are untrue. This can cause people to treat you differently at work with no justified reason. This can create an uncomfortable work environment and attract disciplinary actions against you that are untrue. Where a karma spell is good for situations like this is having a job loss karma spell cast that causes the co-worker to instead lose their job which eliminates the problem.

A Boyfriend or Girlfriend Cheating – A common request for a karma spell is when cheating has happened within a relationship causing it to end. The person who was cheated on often feels like their partner deserves bad karma for being dishonest and selfish.

Business Partner Not Being Honest – When you have an agreement about how to manage a business and a partner is involved, often conflict occurs. The extent of this conflict can become extreme if one person is not upholding a business arrangement. This can drastically affect the success of a business which can cause people to seek a karma spell. Sometimes communication between two business partners can become ugly. When talking doesn’t change anything a karma spell can cause the partner causing these problems to see things more clearly and change their ways.

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