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What is the best age to get rhinoplasty surgery?

Some individuals don’t want to live with the nose they were born with. Therefore, rhinoplasty is a successful treatment that can change your natural nose into the nose you desire. To achieve the look they’ve always wanted, however, many people decide on rhinoplasty, and 14% are teenagers. A simple plastic surgery technique that helps to improve the nose’s appearance is rhinoplasty surgery. Moreover, it helps reduce respiratory problems.

What age is ideal for rhinoplasty?

There is no set age that is the right age for rhinoplasty. Therefore, rhinoplasty is suitable for individuals who have achieved skeletal maturity. However, there are some parameters in which patients must be ideal as treatment candidates. Patients have stopped growing as well as their noses have stopped changing. The average age at which the nose reaches full maturity is 15 years for girls and a few years older for boys. The rhinoplasty success rate in Pakistan is higher.

What is rhinoplasty?

One of the most frequent operations is rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a “nose job.” Patients usually seek treatment for respiratory problems and cosmetic issues. Furthermore, patients want to correct irregularities brought on by congenital deformities, injuries, or accidents. It means that the surgery needs to be performed by a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon to improve the chances that your aim will be attained and to reduce problems.

Who can get a rhinoplasty?

Teenagers, young adults, middle-aged adults, and the elderly can schedule this procedure to improve their noses and reach their aesthetic goals. However, the reason for the popularity of rhinoplasty surgery among patients is the availability of modern technology and plastic surgery procedures. Therefore, the price of rhinoplasty in Pakistan varies depending upon various factors. Furthermore, factors like the patient’s demand, nose condition, the complexity of the procedure, and the surgeon’s expertise. Hence, most patients who schedule this procedure range between 18 and 40.

Teenagers and nose surgery:

Many teenagers are interested in undergoing rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes. However, some teenagers’ noses are fully formed and have stopped growing at the age of 15 or 16. Therefore, many teenagers want to improve the appearance of their noses or correct imperfections. Hence, the main factor in determining whether a teenager qualifies for rhinoplasty surgery is whether their nose has fully formed and is no longer growing.

What is the procedure’s objective?

There are multiple purposes for nose surgery. However, some patients commonly want to improve the function of their noses. They have no desire to change their shape but have difficulty breathing due to conditions such as a deviated septum. For some, it is a way to improve the appearance of their nose. Therefore, rhinoplasty surgery changes the shape of your nose, but it does not change who you are. Hence, in Cosmeticoplasty, surgeons can help people of all ages gain confidence in their appearance and provide the finest nose plastic surgery in Pakistan.

What issues can a nose surgery treat?

This procedure can address several different imperfections in the nose. It can improve the angle of the nose and remove bumps on the nose. Moreover, it can reduce the size of the nose and improve breathing. Therefore, most rhinoplasty patients are extremely happy with their choice to have surgery.

How does a rhinoplasty procedure work?

During rhinoplasty surgery, the surgeon will use some specific techniques. With the usage of general anesthesia, patients are put under IV sedation which helps promote a faster recovery. However, if you choose this procedure to reduce the size of your nose, improve the shape, or address the angle, the surgeon will separate your nose skin from the bone and cartilage. Then, he will reshape the area and replace the skin on the nose.

Does this procedure apply to me?

The best candidates for this procedure are patients in good health. And those who have realistic expectations about the surgery and the outcome. Moreover, patients who have problems breathing due to the poor function of their nose make good candidates for this procedure. Therefore, patients who are not happy with the appearance of their noses are ideal for rhinoplasty surgery.

How do you prepare for rhinoplasty?

You must consult with your surgeon to establish which procedure is best for you before you schedule surgery. However, your surgeon goes over your medical history and does a physical examination, such as a blood test, during this consultation.

Costs in Pakistan:

For rhinoplasty, certain factors should be considered, such as the time taken and the place where you are getting rhinoplasty done. Moreover, the surgeon who performs the surgery. Nose surgery cost in Pakistan ranges between 150,000-200,000 PKR. Hence, you can have your graceful nose at minimal costs.


Although rhinoplasty surgery is generally safe and simple, recovery time can be limited. In order to recover from nose surgery, you might need to take up to two weeks off of work. However, the sensitive tip of your nose can stay numb and swollen for months. Hence, before you see the full results of the procedure, it could take several months, and the swelling could last for up to six months.

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