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What is Teasha by Tangiers hookah

Hookah Shisha is one of the most sought after traditional smoking accessories, thanks to its aromatic flavours and atmosphere. The Tangiers hookah by TEASHA has a modern, sleek design with a ceramic bowl and flame. And you can select a number of pre-filled flavours for a variety of flavours.


Hookah Teasha by Tangiers has a sleek, modern design. The hookah bowl features an intricate design, with a light smoke emitting from the flame on the bottom of the hookah. The smoke from the bowl is soothing, which is not a sensation you experience with the Zube hookah. The crystal water pipe features a backlit brass bowl that shines and reflects the light.


Hookah by Teasha is almost identical to the Zube hookah. The only difference is the glass bowl, which is less than three inches in diameter. This allows the user to continue to have control over the amount of smoke that is released from the water pipe, as opposed to the larger bowls from other hookah products.


Hookah by TEASHA has a number of unique features, such as its unique design, water pipe, and bamboo packaging. The design of this hookah is very sleek and modern and it will definitely draw a lot of attention when placed on the table.

TEASHA is a division of Zube, a well-established and highly reputable brand that has been in existence for over 25 years. As of 2016, Zube has expanded to more than 70 different countries worldwide.

Their extensive line-up of hookah products, which consists of Zube Crystal Shisha Pipe and Bowl, is constantly being praised for its quality and affordable price.

The most important thing when choosing a hookah bowl is your personal preferences. You should be comfortable with the sight and smell that you want to have with your hookah. All that is needed is to step into the Zube Hookah Shop, take a look at the wide range of colours and pick one that fits your taste.

Designs and colours on Zube hookahs, are made from steel. It’s completely safe, non-toxic, and provides perfect combustion. You will notice that the Zube Crystal Shisha is wrapped with a silver-coloured seal.

You will not have to worry about the possibility of water damaging the glass bowl. The Zube hookah with ceramic bowl is made out of a durable material, which is dust and UV resistant. It does not shatter like regular glass bowls.

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