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What is Sub-Brokerage? Advantages and Disadvantages

As a sub-broker, you will have to be on your toes. Since you work on behalf of a stock broker, you will be in charge of major business operations.
If you are good at numbers and have strong social skills combined with great convincing power, you can fit well into the role of a sub-broker.
But why must you be interested in it? Because the career is more rewarding than you can imagine.
With the rising public interest in the stock market and trading, the sub broker business model has become a new trend. It has major benefits for both the aspirant and the company itself.
And what exactly is it, and what are its pluses and minuses? Detailed in the discussion below-

What is a sub-broker franchise business?

The sub-broker franchise business model or sub-brokership is similar to any other franchise program.
But in comparison to other franchise business programs, the sub-brokership model is open to both individuals and firms. As a sub-broker, you provide services to customers on behalf of your broker (the parental company).
Most of the time, since they act as an intermediary between a customer and a broker, they are also referred to as agents who introduce new clients to the company.
However, their role is not limited to attracting customers. They even guide, educate, and actively support their clients.
The earnings of a sub-broker come from a specific percentage of profit-sharing agreed upon before between both parties for a single client.
You know most about sub-brokership now. But whether it is a lucrative opportunity is clear in the discussion ahead. Take a look

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sub Broker Model

Given below are the key benefits and drawbacks of the sub-broker business model. Without further ado, let’s explore.

Benefits of Sub-Brokership

Check out various benefits of the Sub Broker program –

Inflation-resistant businesses

One of the primary benefits of sub-brokership is that it is inflation resistant. No matter how bad the economy is outside, your business can stand still.
The broker is unstoppable whether the market is bearish or bullish, whether investors are profiting or losing money.
They need to provide good services, and that’s it. Similarly, the sub-broker business will keep running, and since most activities are handled digitally, issues like global pandemics will never halt productivity.

Attractive profit-sharing

Attractive profit sharing may increase your idea of becoming a sub-broker because the potential is huge. Companies set a specific profit-sharing percentage to ensure that their sub-brokers work diligently.
Their active presence and services to clients generate profits for the broker. That’s why the profit-sharing ratio can be between 50% and 80%, respectively.

Strong Support

Compared to other business models, sub-broker franchise partners are given strong support. After all, the sub-brokers reputation is the company’s reputation. That’s why they must keep providing top-notch support to the sub-broker agent.

Scalable business

The scalability of a business is the main focus of aspirants nowadays. Brokers strongly positioned themselves in the market and are building opportunities for sub-brokers to learn and grow.
This results in a positive attitude among people towards sub-brokership.
Upstox Franchise Program provides all these amazing benefits.

Drawbacks to Sub-Brokership

Find out the various disadvantages of Sub broker business –

Massive capital requirements

One of the primary drawbacks of sub-brokership is that it sometimes requires hefty investment capital.
Depending on the broker’s business model, you may or may not be required to spend out of your pocket. Still, most sub-brokers claim they had invested before starting this role.

Not for inexperienced users

The business model is not for inexperienced people. Only experienced folks can try their luck in this territory.
Since most of the audience in the stock market is qualified and experienced, they are extremely concerned about each penny they invest through a broker. Hence, fresh or random individuals may not be welcomed.

Final Words

That’s a detailed brief on the sub-broker business model. How it works and the potential it carries are detailed above in the article.
Its benefits are remarkable, though, but it has drawbacks attached on the flip side that deserve your focus too. Only some people are eligible for the sub-broker role.
You are most welcome if you have great investment capital and experience. You can even access personalized, attractive profit sharing with strong support for further scalability.

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