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What is Screen Print Confetti and How Is It Made?

Screen print confetti is a fun and eye-catching way to add a pop of color to any party. But what exactly is screen print confetti and how is it made? Let’s explore the world of screen print confetti to find out!

What is Screen Print Confetti?

Screen print confetti is a type of paper made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials. The paper itself comes in a variety of colors and shapes, such as circles, stars, hearts, and more. The paper can be printed with your own designs or logos for an added touch of creativity. The unique design makes this type of confetti ideal for celebrations like weddings, birthdays, graduations, holidays, corporate events and more.

How Is Screen Print Confetti Made?

The process for making screen print confetti starts with the use of non-toxic paper materials like cellulose or cotton rag paper. The paper materials are then cut into small pieces and colored with food-grade dyes that are also non-toxic. Once the pieces are cut and colored they are ready to be printed with your custom design or logo. This step requires a specialized machine called a silkscreen printer which prints each piece individually in order to ensure accurate reproduction of your design. After the printing process is complete, the pieces are inspected one last time before being packaged for delivery. 

Screen print confetti is a type of specialty paper that has been cut into small pieces, usually in the shape of circles or stars. It is often made from plastic, which makes it glittery and shiny. The pieces are then mixed together in a variety of colors, making them perfect for adding bright pops of color or subtle shimmering accents to any craft.

What Can I Use It For?                                                                                                            

The possibilities are endless with screen print confetti! Some popular uses include card making, scrapbooking, invitations, gift tags, decoupage projects, jewelry making, greeting cards, and more. You can also use it for home decor projects like banners and wall art as well as party decorations like table runners and centerpieces. In short–whatever your crafty heart desires!

How Do I Use It?           

Screen print confetti is super easy to use–all you have to do is sprinkle it onto the object you’re working on (like glue or paint) and voila–instant sparkle! You can also mix it with other materials such as paints or glitters for an even more dazzling effect. And because the pieces are so small they won’t overwhelm whatever project you’re working on–they just add that perfect little touch of shine without taking away from the overall look.

Same day printing services are often available with a variety of options such as different paper sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. This gives businesses the freedom to create unique prints that stand out among their competitors. Additionally, printingplanetuk services can often offer additional features such as folding, laminating, binding, and die-cutting to give your prints a professional finish.


Screen print confetti makes any event instantly memorable by adding a special touch that no other decorations can match. As you have seen here today, screen print confetti is not only beautiful but also safe thanks to its eco-friendly construction process using only non-toxic materials and dyes. With so many colors and shapes to choose from it’s easy to customize your screen print confetti look just right for your special occasion! So go ahead—give your event some extra sparkle with screen print confetti!

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