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What Is PPC And How It Works Complete Guide

If you are a marketer, you may have come across the term we know as PPC. As the internet is prominent, marketing nowadays is mainly done through different online networks. 

There are many such terms like PPC associated with marketing. 

As a marketer, you must know about PPC and different other terms related to marketing. In this article, we will give you an insight into what PPC is and how you can use it. So, without any delay, let us tell you about PPC. 

What Is PPC?

PPC is a specific mode of marketing a business. When using PPC, marketers pay for each click on the ads they run. There is a bidding technique to determine the bidding of each of the keywords. The highest bidder for any keyword attains the slot of advertising. 

PPC is mainly a prevalent feature of an advertisement on the search engine. Currently, PPC is also available on different social media platforms. The aim behind every PPC campaign is to lead the prospective customers to a website, a product, or any landing page of the advertiser. The ultimate goal of any PPC campaign is to increase sales. 

For instance, if you have a Blogger Outreach Platform, you can run PPC campaigns to increase your customers and sales. 

How Does PPC Work 

PPC works by auctioning a specific place for an ad on a platform. Each of the ad spaces has a dedicated space for a keyword or more keywords. There are many advertisers who enter the auction and bid for different keywords. When a business takes the ad space by bidding the most, it can show ads related to the keyword dedicated to that ad space. 

The success of a bidder/ an advertiser depends on different factors like – 

  • Bid amount
  • Historical CTR
  • Landing page quality

Advertisers can choose the location, time, and person they want to show their ads to. If you are running a PPC campaign on Facebook, you are allowed with an extensive set audience. The demographic option on Facebook is wide and allows you to narrow them down to a minimum. Advertisers can reach a more refined audience and use their budget effectively. 

When running larger campaigns, the marketers can split their bill advertisements into different ad groups. This process allows marketers to further diversify and personalize their ad campaign and help them show the ads to the relevant audience. 

Different PPC Platforms 

Here are different types of platforms that allow marketers to run a PPC campaign –


Google is basically the pioneer when it comes to PPC marketing. As a searcher, you can find different PPC ads after a google search. You will find these ads after any Google Shopping Search. On google, the marketers bid on different keywords, and the highest bidder gets the slot for an advertisement. 


Facebook is another platform where marketers can run a PPC campaign. There are different variations of PPC on Facebook. Also, Facebook is the only platform with the most variations of PPC. If you are looking for a good PPC campaign on social media, then Facebook has many options lined up for you. 

There are carousel ads, video ads, and so much more on Facebook. Marketers also have very specific options for demographic targets. You can choose the location, time, and person for showing your ads. 


Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Twitter’s PPC strategy is a little complicated and differs from the previous two. The pricing strategy on Twitter is different from Facebook and Instagram. Cost Per Click for the adverts changes depending on the audience size, the bid that you make, and the competition in bidding. 


The bing search engine is another search engine that works well for bidding. Similar to Google, the main competitor of Bing, Bing also uses PPC campaigns to target the audience with different search intent. The biggest bidder with the most relevant keywords in the ads gains the position to advertise on Bing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you have got a clear understanding of what PPC is. But if you are looking for more answers, here are some questions and answers to help you-

What Is An Example Of PPC?

PPC ads appear to online searchers who look for something on the internet using a certain keyword. Marketers can show ads to people who search with the keyword they run ads with.

Why Is PPC Important?

PPC is important for running a marketing campaign generating high-quality leads for a landing page, and for driving more conversions on a page. 

What Are The Benefits Of PPC?

Here are some benefits of PPC –

  • PPC helps businesses fulfil their goals
  • they are measurable and trackable
  • marketers are in control of their PPC campaigns. 

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Final Words  

Reading the different sections of this article should help you understand what PPC is. As a marketer, it is crucial to know about PPC. You can run ads that return a valuable amount of conversion and sales to your business. 

Hoover, if there is any query, you can ask them in the comment section. 

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