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What is Favourable Wife’s Statement in Court Marriage in Pakistan

Wife’s Statement in Court Marriage in Pakistan:

The statement of a wife during court marriage in Pakistan is an essential ingredient in court marriage in Pakistan. Most people coming for court marriage procedure in Pakistan ask what type of protection we will get while doing the court marriage in Pakistan? The answer to this question is that only preventive measures can be taken by your court marriage lawyer in Pakistan so that you can be protected from the wrath of others. The statement of the female during court marriage in Pakistan is given before a magistrate, where she says that she has done her court marriage in Pakistan with her free will, without coercion or threat.

Stolen Any Thing:

 She also says that no one has abducted or kidnapped her, and she had not stolen anything from her house. This statement during the court marriage in Pakistan is given only for the reason because when a female runs away from her home to do court marriage in Pakistan, the first thing the parents of such female do is that they go to a police station and say that someone has abducted or kidnapped our daughter and sometimes they also say that they have stolen something from the house. When a female before a magistrate had already made a statement that no one had abducted or kidnapped her, then in the presence of such statement, either the police does not register an FIR, or if the FIR has already registered then in the presence of such statement by the wife that no one has abducted her. She has done marriage. The FIR is quashed.  

Court Marriage in Lahore:

One of the famous female lawyers in Lahore Pakistan for court marriage in Lahore Pakistan Advocate Nazia says that the most essential part of the services of court marriage in Pakistan is the statement of wife before a magistrate. Advocate Nazia says that during the court marriage in Pakistan, not only the signatures of the bride and groom are taken, but thumb impressions are also taken, so there is no point that a female at a later stage can deny that this marriage is fake or she did not put her thumb. So the only story left behind for the bride’s parents is that yes, the signatures and thumb impression are genuine, but it was taken by force.

Rebuttal Question:

The rebuttal to this question is that ok fine might be possible that the signatures and thumb were taken by force. Still, it is not possible for a male to kidnap a female and take her to the court premises by force in daylight and get her present before a magistrate, and then the magistrate asks her questions and then takes her statement. So, therefore, she says that it is essential in court marriage in Lahore Pakistan that gets the statement of wife recorded on the priority. She says no lawyer in Lahore should delay the statement of their wife and get it registered before they are arrested for making sure that they remain safe legally.

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