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What is an MPH Degree, and What Can You Do with It?

Public health workers dedicate their lives to improving quality of life through advocacy, health education, awareness and disease prevention, etc. The public health sector is a global lifesaver with vaccination programs, preventive medicine, and worldwide health policies. All these combined reduce global suffering from disease burden and gives children a better start in life. In the long run, communities thrive, and career opportunities grow.

Although the selection process can be daunting, online Master of public health degree programs presents career paths for aspiring public health professionals. Some prospects may struggle to find a direction that aligns with their skills and interests with the numerous options available. First, it is vital to learn about a master’s degree in public health and what you can do with it.

What is an Online MPH Degree?

An online Masters in Public Health is a graduate degree that public workers hold when they want to grow their careers. Some also pursue this degree to broaden their focus areas in healthcare. An MPH degree opens you to high-paying jobs in epidemiology, health education, population health promotion, and environmental care.

MPH Program Scope

When you sign up for an online MPH program, you will learn crucial, applicable skills through project coursework replicating real-life career challenges. Today, these programs focus on teaching learners broader skills that can impact the world. They focus on eight categories with 22 key competencies graduates need to work in the public health field.

These approaches include teaching evidence-based problem-solving skills and learning how public health organizations run. These programs are analyzed and improved regularly. Other programs incorporate experimental learning opportunities to impart real-world experiences while pursuing your MPH degree.


When searching for public health master’s programs, you are likely to confuse them with Master of Science in public health programs. Although this program might be similar to an MPH, there are subtle differences. For example, an online master’s in public health primarily involves active community service. On the other hand, an MSPH is a research-oriented degree that prepares you for an academic career or a doctorate.

To fulfill an MPH degree, learners must complete a capstone project or applied practice. Alternatively, an MSPH program requires students to complete a thesis research paper.

Why Should You Consider an MPH Program?

One of the reasons to pursue an MPH program is that you can head further direction in your education and career. You can work in policy/legislation development to educate people and businesses. You can do research to track diseases and identify their spreading and how to prevent them. You will help many people along the way, and it feels great knowing that you are contributing to changing the world.

What Can You Do With A Public Health Degree?

With an online master’s degree in public health, you can advance your career or take a different direction. Some of the fields you can work in include;

·       Analysis

An MPH degree opens opportunities for you in the analytical industry as an epidemiologist or researcher. You can also work as a forensic investigator tracking outbreak origins and other public health threats.

·       Clinical

MPH jobs are still in demand in hospitals, clinics, labs, and most health facilities. Graduates are considered well-equipped and learned to handle advanced areas of clinical jobs.

·       Education

Online masters in public health programs also prepare graduates to work as educators for the public or personnel in the healthcare industry. Some organizations also hire MPH graduates as on-staff internal resources.

MPH Job Opportunities

·       Epidemiologists

An epidemiologist studies patterns and causes of human diseases and their outbreaks. They further use their research and finding to find ways of improving overall health and outcomes. This career field involves assessing and monitoring population information to implement policies.

·       Medical and Health Service Manager?

Healthcare executives, administrators, and health service managers are tasked with planning, directing, and coordinating health services. They do this for physicians and specialized departments in a clinical setting. Their role is to oversee the daily operations and functions of healthcare organizations.

·       Health Educator

Health educators develop, implement and evaluate health interventions to strengthen and improve wellness and overall wealth for patients and communities. In addition, they gather data to discuss and teach about health concerns.

·       Environment Specialist

Environment specialists constantly monitor environmental impacts and proactively find issues the population could be introducing to the environment. They also advise on viable solutions to the issues and enhance living conditions while minimizing environmental impact.

Earning a master of public health opens up plenty of career opportunities that motivate you to make a difference in the communities surrounding you. In the end, you will be impacting populations around the world, making this a significant investment. When considering an MPH degree, think about your career goals and how you will achieve them.

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