What is a Motherboard?

The current Tech Term is motherboard. We’ll talk about what the motherboard is and the reasons it’s an essential part of the computer’s performance.

What is a Motherboard?

The motherboard functions as the computer’s internal control centre and communication hub. It’s the main circuit board to which the rest of the components connected to and communicate with. The motherboard is the core of what makes a computer one.

As soon as your computer is booted up the motherboard will be the first component to be powered and then it will provide power to other components that will activate the other components of your PC.

Parts of the Motherboard

These are the components of a motherboard, essential to function as it was intended. It is dependent on the model it might appear slightly different and may have an entirely different design or specifications. All motherboards generally include these elements:

Chipset The chipset is a device that allows data to be transferred as well as flow into other component via the motherboard. The chipset is split into both the Northbridge as well as the Southbridge and allows communications between motherboard components.

CPU: The Central Processing Unit is the component that transmits information to and from Northbridge to the various components within the computing. Therfore, A faster CPU will provide quicker and more enjoyable experience.

Slots The slots on a motherboard serve to join its many parts. Here are a few components:

Random Access Memory, or RAM.

PCI(e), that is a connection to expandable cards like network, video or sound cards.

SATA that connects to storage drives, such as HDD and SSD.Need assistance to fix your motherboard? Visit our website Star tech reviews.

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