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What Can I Use As A Hamper Basket?

A personalized gift is far better than the pre-packaged one, which everyone can buy. For making a personalized gift, a person spends time and money. When the gift receiver acquires that hamper, his joy becomes doubled after knowing how much he means to you and how much you know about him. But making a personalized gift is not an easy task. Consider a few tips in mind which can make this job easy.

Theme Your Hamper Basket

If you theme your hamper basket, the selection of items becomes limited. A variety of gift items is available, but it is hard to buy the suitable one unless you keep the choices narrow. 

A thematic hamper basket would be more suitable for the occasion, such as a birthday hamper would be different from the Eid hamper. Also, personalized thematic hampers include more suitable items according to a need of persons. For instance, a girl’s hamper would be different from a mum to be hamper. A few Ideas for the mum to be hamper basket are as follow.

1. Food theme

A mum-to-be is going through difficulties in eating food. She might love those food items that have not tasted even before pregnancy. And she is not going to digest her favorite food once. If she is closer to you, you can feel her distress in eating. So fill up your basket with food items best for her and baby’s health. Any food she like, chocolate hamper, a homemade food hamper, or a BBQ-themed hamper, depends on what the mum-to-be likes to eat.

2. Gardening theme

It could be a great idea, it will provide her with a progressive hobby, and the grown-out plants will remind her about your unique hamper. This hobby does not take much energy and exercise. So she can enjoy it. And gardening is an anti-depressant too.

3. Crafting theme

Most mothers like to knit or stitch for their baby, so it is a superb idea to hamper her many crafting items, like knitting needles, wool, fabric pieces, ribbons, accessories, etc. You can also add some handmade dress items for the new baby in her hamper basket.

4. Spa hamper

Spa items are a mum to be hamper’s most wanted items. She needs them most every day. So, you can make one for her with the best soothing essential massage oils, fragrances, bath salts, etc.

5. A relaxing or time-out theme

Mum to be hamper must contain the items she might like to use in her relaxing time, including her favorite magazine, a cup of tea, relaxing music, chocolates, bath salts, etc.

Mama Jewels’ Personalized Mum to Be Hampers

Along with prepared hamper baskets, Mama Jewels also offer customary mums to be hampered baskets. Items may include a vast range of needed products for mum-to-be. They deliver worldwide and promise the best quality of each product. One can add his sentiments by adding a greeting card for every occasion. So why not Mama Jewels?

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