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What Cable Trays Does Your Machine Need?

Are you searching for installing cable trays in your business? If yes, then you can read this article. Here we are providing complete detail of what and why you should use the cable tray. 

A cable tray is one of the best industrial tools that is used to provide a proper arrangement of cable wires. Some of the different types of cable trays include perforated cable trays, ladder cable trays, wire mesh cable trays, solid bottom cable trays, and trough cable trays. These cable trays are used according to their use and working environment. Here sown below we have provided a complete detail about the cable tray and what cable trays are needed for your business.

What is a Cable Tray?

A cable tray is a cable management system that is mainly used to route and support heavy-duty data cables in a systematic manner. This tray is made of premium quality material and is available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and also in an affordable range. The covering on the cable tray mainly helps in preventing these trays from bending, dusting, falling water, and any kind of damage. The ladder-type cable tray comes up with some great features including durability, longevity, strong material, smooth finishing, cost-effectiveness, and many others. The heat-resistant electrical cable for communications is supported by the ladder tray. These cable trays can be customized and available in various sizes. But the standard sizes of the cable tray are mentioned below:

Width150 mm to 2000 mm
Height50  to 150 mm
Runner collar12mm to 45 mm
Rung Size35×15 mm, 40×20 mm, 50×20 mm
Thickness(T)1.6 mm to 3.0 mm
Material Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, GI sheet

What Cable Trays are needed for your Business?

Choosing a cable tray for your business depends on your workspace. Cable trays are an essential part of various industries to manage cable wires. Some of the types of cable trays are mentioned below:

1. Perforated cable tray

A perforated cable tray is an ideal solution to organize and route the cable wires in a systematic manner. It is mainly used in various industries and commercial locations. A perforated cable tray helps with overhauling, expanding, reconfiguring, or moving channels and supports and jams both force and sign links. These cable wires are mainly used in industrial plants, department stores, airports, and other industries to hold medium amounts of cables.

2. Ladder cable tray

A ladder cable tray is used to provide safe routing to the cable wires. It has holes in its bottom which provide proper ventilation to the cable wires and prevent overheating. The perforation in the ladder tray work as a mechanism to provide enough airflow while the electrical lines are in use. Systems for perforated cable trays include the extras needed for installation and additional protection. These cable trays are used in industrial plants, manufacturing units, and many others to hold a large number of cables.

3. Wire mesh cable tray

Wire mesh also known as wire mesh cable trays, is mainly used to fix and organize cable wires in a small diameter. In the food production industry, where cleanliness is a top priority, wire mesh cable trays are frequently utilized. They are also employed for the installation of cables in various telecommunication facilities, engineering projects, etc. Wire mesh cable trays are used in industrial installations, building installations, and safety and protection installations to hold heavy-duty cables.

4. Solid bottom cable tray

A solid bottom cable tray is mainly used to support the cables in an organized way. Also, these solid bottom is used for minimal heat-generating electrical or communications applications with short to intermediate support spans. Solid-bottom cable trays are used in various industries and large manufacturing units.

5. Trough cable tray

All types of cables, including those for communications, signaling, and the distribution and transmission of electrical power, are carried and protected by cable troughs, which are typically installed next to railway tracks. Trough cable trays are used similarly as the perforated cable tray. 


I hope now you understand what cable tray is beneficial for your business. Well, it all depends on your business type and working environment. Some locations have fewer power cables and some of them have a large bundle of cable wires. So it is up to the business which cable tray they are looking for. Cable trays are used by almost every location to manage their cables in a neat and proper manner. Hanging cables and untidy wiring can make your business look ugly. So choose wisely before you choose any type of cable tray for your business.

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