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What are the Top Features to Look for in a PDF Editor?

Microsoft Word, Excel, and customer relationship management software are staples in most office desk jobs. Most of these programs and tools offer features that the average user will never need.

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are no different.

Despite the prevalence of PDFs as a digital asset, only some users use its capabilities. What is a PDF, and how do you edit PDF online? You’ll find out everything in this complete guide.

What is A PDF?

A portable document format is known as a PDF. Portable Document Format (PDF) files are a kind of document. PDFs use PostScript, a language for describing pages, to understand text and pictures. All software, browsers, and operating systems can render PDFs effectively because of the object types used by PostScript to store text and images.

The IOS is a global organization that creates standards in many areas, including manufacturing, technology, safety, and healthcare. PDF is now one of those open standards that they maintain. You can easily edit PDFs on mobile.

The PDF: Who Created It?

The PDF will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year, but only a few people know. As a component of the “Camelot Project” in 1991, Adobe developed the PDF. In pursuing the “paperless office,” Adobe co-founder Dr John Warnock conceived the Camelot project.

His ultimate goal was to create file formats that could efficiently compress data from any application while still looking good on any device. In less than a year, he had developed the initial version of the PDF file format.

How to Edit PDF in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge also lets users make basic changes to PDFs online. You can quickly annotate PDFs with text, drawings, or highlighters in the Microsoft Edge web browser. The procedure for accomplishing this task is detailed here.

Step 1: Use Microsoft Edge to open PDF files.

In Windows File Explorer, locate the PDF you want to open. Then, right-click on the PDF and choose “Open with” > “Microsoft Edge.”

Step 2: Edit PDF pages using Microsoft Edge.

If you open your PDF in Edge, you’ll see a few editing options up top when you preview it.

Include Text: Assists you in inserting a fresh language string into the PDF.

Draw on PDF: Make lines of varying thicknesses and colours.

Highlight the PDF: You can make it your own by highlighting specific parts of the PDF with different colours.

Erase tool: To remove your edits from the PDF, use this eraser tool.

Step 3: Create a New PDF and Save It.

Click the “Save” in the top right corner to save the file after you’ve made the changes you want to the PDF. By selecting the “Save As” option, you can save the edited PDF in a separate file.

Systweak PDF Editor – What is it?

As its name implies, it is an edit PDF converter that makes it easy to change PDF files. The best PDF editor (Systweak PDF Editor) is from Systweak Software loaded with many useful features, but it needs a few that other programs have. In any event, it is distinctly different from your run-of-the-mill PDF editor.

With this top-notch PDF editor, you can do a lot of cool stuff, like add comments, split and merge PDFs, convert them, password-protect them, make text in scanned documents searchable and selectable, enable electronic signing, compress and convert PDFs in bulk, stamp PDFs, and much more. This tool is also used as a PDF editor compress.

Key Features of an Ideal PDF Editor:

  • Edit a PDF
  • Alternate PDF reader options
  • Ability to search text within PDFs using a search bar
  • Bookmarks
  • Place empty PDF pages here
  • Perform OCR
  • You can convert PDFs individually or in bulk
  • Transfer files between PDF, Word, Excel, text, and images
  • Reduce the file size of PDFs one by one or in bulk
  • Highlight PDF
  • Split and combine PDFs
  • Page or file duplication in PDF format
  • Secure PDFs
  • Secure PDFs with a Password
  • Transmit PDFs electronically
  • Page rearrangement in PDF
  • Emphasize a passage 
  • Add notes
  • Denote critical files with a star
  • Rotate PDFs
  • Extract PDF pages


  • A variety of editing tools
  • Without a hitch
  • Strong safety measures
  • An intuitive design
  • Advanced annotation software
  • Efficient workflow through batch processing
  • Accommodation of multiple file types


  • When inserting images, you might encounter some problems
  • Users on a tight budget might want to look elsewhere

How to Use the Systweak PDF Editor?

Learn how to use this Windows edit PDF software by following the detailed instructions:

Step 1: After you have successfully installed Systweak PDF Editor, launch it.

Step 2: To import PDFs into the program for viewing, reading, editing, compressing, securing, or converting, go to the “Open PDF” section. Feel free to upload a single PDF or a bunch on the PDF editor app!

Step 3: A PDF’s many features, including annotating, editing, viewing, pages, converting, security, and tools, become apparent when you open the file.

To meet all of your PDF editing, organizing, and management requirements, each category has sub-modules with extensive capabilities.

Step 4: Select the appropriate option and edit PDF document files to meet your requirements.

You should save it as soon as you’ve finished editing and organizing your PDF. Please choose “Save” or “Save as” from the File menu to save your revised version to your hard drive.


To sum up, Systweak PDF Editor is the best PDF editor online. It allows you to open, read, and edit PDFs all from one convenient spot. When it comes to editing PDFs, Systweak PDF Editor is the clear winner thanks to its wide range of features, including optical character recognition (OCR), annotation, compression, conversion quality, strong security features, and first-rate customer support. Hopefully, you know how to edit a PDF.

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