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What Are The Safety Measurements For Hydrovac Services

Hydrovac excavation uses pressurized water, wands, and vacuums to access subsurface utilities. With this technology, crews may execute activities without disturbing neighbouring surfaces when they need to trench or reach components below grass and soil. Hydrovac excavation techniques encourage maximum uptime, but adhering to a safety checklist is crucial to lowering the risk of damage.

Importance Of Safety Measurements

Only skilled experts should carry out hydro services. Hydro excavation safety procedures must be followed to avoid dangerous working conditions, electrical shocks, and fatalities. It also includes handling huge machineries such as hydrovac trucks and stone slingers.

The checklist below will assist your staff in maintaining year-round productivity while keeping safety measures in mind.

Prioritize Personal Protective Equipment

The same safety equipment is needed for hydro excavation activities for roadwork and building. An employee should never be without protective gear near a powered wand.

Your first line of defense against accidents is the following because workers run the risk of sharp objects kicking up during procedures:

  • Goggles
  • Earplugs
  • Hard hats
  • Gloves
  • Long-sleeve clothing
  • Face masks
  • Steel-toed boots

Focus On Employee Training

Depending on the manufacturer, hydro excavation equipment controls can look different. Crews need to know how to set up their tools and select the proper nozzle before they arrive at a job site. Equipment manuals should be consulted by companies intending to expand into new markets to understand more about the capabilities of their purchase. Teams can work more efficiently and with fewer mistakes by being familiar with emergency shut-off features and water pressure settings.

Underground Cables

Consider that every subterranean wire connected to your assignment is active. The presence of electrical lines near a construction site should be known to all employees, and the proper signage can be the difference between a risk-free hydrovac technique and a tragic accident.

Project managers must post warning signs next to hydro excavation trucks, usually within 3 meters (9.8 feet). Ensure employees avoid coming into direct contact with the metal surfaces of cars if electrical cables for utilities are located beneath work surfaces. Always utilize hydro excavation equipment with non-conductive nozzles and vacuums to avoid fatal mishaps.

Underground Gas Lines

High-pressure water can harm gas lines if they come into contact with it. By taking the time to designate the position of underground gas lines with flags and spray paint, workers can be warned to continue with caution. When trenching close to gas lines, hydro excavation equipment operators should convert to low-pressure settings. As soon as your hydrovac techniques bring you within 1 meter (3.3 feet) of an underground connection, it is advised that staff dig by hand for repairs.

Use Equipment Made For Hydro Excavation Work

Purchasing the appropriate instruments for a task enables you to work safely and effectively. Your staff can meet deadlines without skimping if trucks, wands, vacuums, and nozzles are made expressly for hydro excavation work. Working with a reputable equipment supplier is essential for hydro excavation projects since they can explain your options for trucks that perform better than expected.

Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Referencing your owner’s manual between projects is a necessary hydro excavation safety precaution. Manufacturers of the equipment provide instructions for pressure settings and general usage advice. For all hydro excavation wands and nozzles, the following instructions are applicable:

  1. Set up wands with the tiniest nozzles necessary for your task (increases user control).
  2. For excavation activities, only direct nozzles in the direction of the earth.
  3. When spraying, keep the nozzle’s distance from the ground at around 8 inches.
  4. When wands are turned on, avoid sticking the nozzles into the ground.


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