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What are the pros of investing in Kingdom Valley Islamabad?

There has been a growing demand for reliable housing projects in Islamabad. The increasing population and real estate prices have forced people to wait for years to get their home. Prime Minister’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is a project that is aimed to tackle this issue. Kingdom Group has launched a project under the banner of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

The project is Kingdom Valley Islamabad which is located in an ideal location. It is aimed at providing plots to both residential and commercial investors at reasonable prices. The developers of this project are known for high-end developmental projects. The project has been approved by the authorities concerned and thus the investors can invest their capital without fear.

Here is a brief overview of Kingdom Valley Islamabad and the benefits of investing in it.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad – A High-end Residential Opportunity

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a high-end residential opportunity that will cater to the needs of the investors without affecting their finances. Both commercial and residential plots are available at reasonable prices and with a flexible payment plan. The developers have ensured in the master plan that it is a world-class project, providing all the luxuries of modern life.

The developers have ensured that it is on par with other high-end projects in its area. Thus, the customers will benefit from the premium quality plots at a reasonable price. The developers have acquired land for development and are working on it.

Reasons to Invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad has risen as one of the most in-demand housing projects. Here are some reasons why readers should invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Ideal Location

The most important aspect of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is its ideal location. The developers have ensured that the inmates find it easy to commute to and from Kingdom Valley Islamabad. It is located close to Chakri Interchange while other access points include Thalian Interchange, Rawat – Chakbeli Road, etc. New Islamabad International Airport is also a short distance from this housing project.

Reliable Developers

The team of Naya Pakistan Housing has brought those affiliates which are reliable. The project of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is being developed by Kingdom Group. The mentioned group is comprised of highly skilled developers and real estate planners. They have ensured that it brings the maximum possible benefit to the investors.

The successful projects of this group make Kingdom Valley Islamabad a reliable option. Once the developmental work is complete, this project will be another addition to the developers’ successful projects.  

Reasonable Plot Prices

The developers have announced different categories for booking plots. These include commercial plots, residential plots, villas, farmhouses, etc. The investors can choose one of their choices while the prices are also in a reasonable range. The price comparison shows that the plot prices have been kept lower compared to the market value. The flexible payment plan will ensure that there is little burden on the investors. For more info about kingdom valley Islamabad payment plan contact us on this link.


The project Naya Pakistan Housing scheme has been launched to benefit investors in the long run. Kingdom Valley Islamabad being an affiliate of this project will also serve this purpose. The investors will get multiple benefits from its accessible location, premium value, and speedy development. Thus, it will bring multifold ROI to its investors.


The NOC of Kingdom Valley Islamabad has been approved. As said above, it is affiliated with Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, and authorities have issued it a no-objection certificate. The NOC of this project can be verified using reference number DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. The NOC approval makes it a risk-free investment for investors.


Kingdom Group has announced their project Kingdom Valley Islamabad which is affiliated with Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. It is a high-end residential project that aims to bring world-class housing facilities at reasonable prices. There are different categories of plots available and investors can choose one according to their needs. There are both commercial and residential plots available for booking. As the prices are revised on regular basis, interested customers should book their plots as soon as possible.

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