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What are The Characteristics of The Top Preschool and Daycare Centers?

An excellent preschool foundation is an essential part of the future of children. It is proven that early education affects a child’s future. Preferably from a parent’s point of view, they should provide a safe environment for the child and a stimulating environment to learn, play and grow.

Children up to four years learned 95% of the class by imitation. Therefore, children are highly influenced by the environment in and around them. That is why the quality of education you get at preschool and daycare centers is essential. 

And we know, like every parent, you would love your children to be in the best daycare centers and playschools. But what are the characteristics of top preschools and daycare centers? What qualities should you look for when choosing a child’s school for your child? Here are some tips on the rates of good preschools and daycare centers.

7 Qualities That You Should Look for in Preschools and Daycare Centers

Security and Safety

Security and safety should be your top priority when choosing a play school for your child. Please take a close look at the building itself and assess the quality of the security and safety measures in place. Ensure that the daycare center meets all the specific requirements for safety and security for children. For example, analyze the entrance process to ensure your child will be in a safe and secure environment.

Child-Friendly & Comfortable Environment

Creating a positive environment at a childcare facility for the child’s overall development is essential. Young children need special care and attention for the early childhood development of their physical, mental, and psychological abilities.

At Footprint, the whole environment is designed to be helping with learning and early childhood development.

Footprints provide a great environment with the regular availability of a caretakers. We build great communication setup between caretakers and children. You will find if the child looks comfort and happy and the vibe of cheering. Give some time to and try to figure out how conscious the staff and teachers are for your child. We ensure all our staff behave with kids gently.


When choosing childcare, it is essential to prioritize cleanliness. Ensure all the caretakers following the standard hygiene guidelines from regular handwash to cleaning the classroom, kitchens, garden area and washrooms. 

Real-Time Learning

Children learn best when they can practice new skills on their own. Similarly, we engage children through role-playing and storytelling at Footprint. We also have interactive activities, like dance, singing, art, and games. Most importantly, our core teaching methodology is designed to boost curiosity and creativity in young children, which will help your child with school care. 

Welcoming and Respectful

It is essential to choose a childcare facility that is welcoming and transparent, where parents can schedule a visit anytime. It shows the trust and values that the childcare provider wants to covey to parents. 

At the same time, it is essential to ensure that the admin and staff respect your culture. If they are not respectful of your language and culture, it will make the difference over their offering to children. So, these are the very common to look after.

Good Infrastructure

A playschool and daycare center should have a calm, engaging, and responsive environment. It supports all stages of a child’s development.

These things that help to create this kind of environment are spacious and colorful classrooms, well-maintained outdoor and play areas, an interactive learning environment, and child-friendly furniture.

Classroom Exposure and Organization Early Childhood Classrooms should be organized and super clean. You should, as an adult, be able to see quickly where things belong. 

There are things to look for to see if the room is appropriate for children. 

1. Are the things children need at an appropriate height, and can they get to them quickly without the help of an adult? 

2. Are room decorations and information primarily at children’s eye level? 

3. Are shelves and bins lined with pictures to enable children’s ability to clean and put things away independently? 

Steady Availability of Staff Members

A trained adult should always supervise all children. Every child should receive the proper attention to ensure their care and security. According to industry standards, one caregiver should not be responsible for more than four infants, seven two-year-old, or ten preschoolers.

Additionally, when looking into daycare staff, you should ask about their availability. If the staff members are constantly leaving, it is not a good sign. Your child will not be able to form a steady relationship with their caregiver.

Qualified and Experienced Caregivers

When entrusting your child’s care to someone else, ensuring they are qualified to do the job is essential. Ask for proof of qualifications for any caregivers or teachers you are considering. The director, teachers, and caregivers are all responsible for your child’s care, so you should make sure that only qualified people are handling them. It will help ensure your child’s highest standards of care and early childhood development.

Recommendations and Trust

When it comes to finding the right playschool or childcare, there’s no substitute for speaking with parents who have already enrolled their children in the facility. Try to get in touch with references from parents to get a better sense of the quality of the childcare. Many facilities are happy to provide contact information for parents so that you can speak with them directly. 

You can also find childcare experts and playschool teachers on social media to discuss your concerns. That will offer a chance to have an honest conversation about the quality of care your kid can receive in playschool. 


After all these, your intuition and gut feeling are essential. After all the analysis and value, you will feel satisfied with the available options. 

Footprints help your child to grow mentally and physically in good manners, which allows him after school care as well. Impressions make so many parents proud by providing top-notch quality to their children. We want to know the qualities you should look for in preschools, day care or playschool before sending your child there. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. 

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Uneeb Khan
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