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What are explainer video companies? Should I hire them? 

You once heard about explainer video companies and that they do great stuff when presenting corporate information in a powerful way. Now that you need to promote your product/services to your target audience, the reference of explainer video companies is coming to your mind. So, you are searching for them online; in your effort to learn what they do, how does hiring an animated explainer video production company help your business? And what things should you keep in mind when choosing an animated explainer video production company? 

If this is what relates to you, read on! This article will cover various aspects of explainer video companies and their work. Also, if you are searching for an animated explainer video production company, we have a recommendation further down the article.

In this article –

  • Introduction – What are explainer videos?
  • What are explainer video production services? 
  • Benefits of explainer videos for your business
  • Should you hire explainer video production companies? 
  • Concluding remarks – Find the best animated explainer video production company 

Introduction – What are explainer videos? 

Generally speaking, explainer videos refer to short lengthed online marketing videos that are used to explain a company’s products/services. In other words, these videos present a message simplistically, covering a topic efficiently and presenting it step-by-step. 

Explainer videos can be of various types, such as live-action explainer videos, live streams on social media platforms, animated explainer videos, whiteboard explainer videos etc. Each of them has its specific focus. For example, animated explainer videos leverage the power and simplicity of animations to explain a product or service, whereas, in whiteboard animation videos, hand-drawn animation is created. 

What are explainer video production services? 

Explainer video production services refer to agencies and companies that provide these services. They have specialized tools, processes and resources to offer a range of explainer videos suiting clients’ custom requirements and their budgets. These companies may exclusively focus on creating explainer videos, or they may provide wide-ranging services, and explainer videos may be a part of them. 

Benefits of explainer videos for your business

There are various benefits of explainer videos. First of all, they present a message simplistically without exaggerating things. They can present a concept easily without unnecessarily stressing on less essential aspects of it. 

They are short. Audiences do not need to wait for long to understand the message and concept. The conversion rate of explainer videos is higher too. Also, these videos can be used as part of content marketing efforts. Using them on a website may increase a website’s chances of appearing more frequently on search engine results pages. They can lift website traffic and increase the staying time of visitors on a website. 

Should you hire explainer video production companies?

In simple words, using explainer videos can be very effective and useful for businesses to connect and communicate with their customers. But creating explainer videos needs expertise and experience. More so when you want attractive explainer videos that effortlessly share their message with the target audience. 

So, if your question is should I hire explainer animated video production companies for my brand, the answer is Yes. But ensure that you are hiring the right animated explainer video production company. When choosing a company to produce explainer videos, here are a few things you can consider – 

  • Experience: Ensure that the company has years of experience providing the services you need. 
  • Tools and resources they use – The company should have access to the latest tools and resources to provide many explainer videos. 
  • Portfolio of previous work – You can check their portfolio to judge their work’s quality. It can help you make an informed decision. 
  • Reputation – The company should have positive reviews and a good reputation in the market. 
  • Pricing – Ensure you know everything about their pricing model, including any terms. 

Concluding remarks – Find the best animated explainer video production company 

We hope the above article has helped you gather some basic facts about explainer videos. Meanwhile, please visit this website if you are searching for explainer video companies for animated explainer video production services. They have years of experience and expertise in providing a range of affordably-priced explainer videos. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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